Where to get these colors?

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Hi Boundless,

I require some help on finding these colors which I am doing - Massive project happening on Angel I. Made them on MagicaVoxel and now need to gather these colors

Anyone who knows where to find these colors including soveign planets that allows you to get these colors appreciate it all. Would be great PREFERRED in Silty soil / sand but stones are fine. either way - if these colors are available and you know please comment - in MASS if possible xD

Love ya all my beautiful aliens



hey hey! have you checked --> https://www.boundlexx.app/ there’s more sites like --> https://boundlessinfo.com/colours/world-control

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I had NO idea there was another app for boundless x.x omg! I am so sorry! Thank you so much for the info! Does this including soveign planets?


no need to be sorry and yes it does :), however it does not mean its always up to date or accurate, but its getting you closer to your color searching goal :slight_smile:

if it was not bedtime for me, i would have done a deep search to help out

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Still appreciate wholesome!!!

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I am actually having a lot of trouble reading or how to read and understand these informations. Im dyslexic and too many words = getting lost

For instance the red sand i want to get to this planet but … I am so confused “HOW” to find… >.<"

You’re almost to your goal. Here is what to do…
You’ll notice here that Quinzel orbits Circarpous I. Good because TNT Megahub is located there and accessible from just about everywhere else.


  1. obtain or make a totem
  2. obtain or make a warp augment
  3. in you inventory, apply the warp augment to the totem
  4. travel to Circarpous I-- Go outside of any buildings to somewhere with a good view of the sky
  5. equip the augmented totem and scan the sky until you find Quinzel
  6. use the augmented totem on the world

This will log a location on Quinzel in you list of locations. It’ll probably be called “Warp Destination (1)” but the number may be different. It could be “Warp Destination (8)”. From this point, you can set up a couple warp blocks in an empty area or return to the sanctum to warp to the new location you just created.

Good luck!


There is a portal to Planet Quinzel at TNT Megahub, Sovereign section. It’s a 1x2 portal on the right.

Once you go through there’s a portal to a sand farm.

If you need anything let me know it’s my planet :blush:


im not sure which colors exactly youre looking for, hard to tell looking at your list

if you can, post here a list of exact Boundless colors youre looking for, you now colors table you post here looks different at different displays so i cant tell which colors there are

give me list of boundless colors you want and i find them for you if they are available at actual existing sov planets


Someone told me that as well and I have been trying to find it and i got too dizzy looking at all the portals x.x. Iwill recheck!


ohhhh that is another way then! you can see their planets like the EXOs and other server planets? I didn’t even knew that! Thank you so much for that!

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You can see my original post - scroll up and these are my color palettes. Appreciate all the help you amazing soul!

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yes, from every permament planet you can see sov orbiting that planet and you can get there using warp augments exactly as you going to exo :smiley:

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I understand, it’s easy to get turned around. Hopefully you can find it. I’m not able to get on atm otherwise I’d meet and show you.


i have no idea how to compare your chart to Boundless palette

1 at your chart for me looks exactly like vivid mint AND vivid green,

im using this chart and i cant SEE difference between those 2 colors, they both got different rgb value but i cant see the difference looking at them

im using this chart

20 at your chart is luminous yellow, i think
13 - cool grey?
2 - strong green?
3 - deep green?
4 - green or mint

ah I found it! that was one tricky for sure! Thank youuuuu!

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5 - stale cerulean?
6 - pale cerulean?
7 - deep azure?
8 - vivid azure?
9 - strong blue?

my bet so far

ya I hve to test them all if they are in the “right” color no worries I am gonna find them - close to them eventually xD but i will relabel them but i think you got the right direction. But unfortunetly i gotta sleep. its almost midnight here! xD

Thank you so much for trying to help! <3

good night, sweet dream :smiley: ill try to find the rest of them :smiley:

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10 - strong red?
11 - red?
12 - black
13 - cool grey?
14 - vivid mustard?
15 - light mustard?
16 - warm mustard?
17 - light mustard?
18 - bright taupe?
19 - tan?
20 - bright tan? luminous yellow?
21 - bright mustard?

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