Which exo planet do you get dark green wood from and how long is left till the planet leaves


Title says it all really…


Zeta; think it already has gone though. :confused:

How many did you need/want by the way?


Damn :frowning: I’m not sure depends on the buying price honestly as I’m not that wealthy compared to most players I been hearing about recently


Just tell me how many you need and we’ll discuss a price that is fair for you, if that sounds ok? :slight_smile:


Ok sure:). I think like maybe one stack.


Smart-stack (900 blocks?)


Yep :slight_smile: that’s wat I meant to say


Sure, can you come meet me at Kol Huroo?


Great lemme jump online and I’ll come to u


Cool; if you’re coming via Ultima network, use the portal at the Kol Ultima labelled “Forgotten Fortress”.

I don’t have a Portal Seekers network connection just at the moment.


I’m at the new ultima and I cannot find it at all


At the Eresho Ultima you mean? That’s why I said Kol Huroo’s Ultima, sorry. :slight_smile:


Found it no worries