Which Gleam color best matches each machine?

Now that most colors are opened up, I am trying to figure out which colors look the closest to which machines before rebuilding my crafting area.

So far I have:

  • Compactor - Vivid Red
  • Centraforge - Stale Lilac
  • Mixer - Cold Lime
  • Extractor - Stark Azure
  • Workbench - White
  • Refinery - Crisp Tan

Any thoughts or suggestions?

EDIT: Reclaim ash colors for the coils are

  • Compactor - Red
  • Centraforge - Idk, I don’t have a forge cause I don’t like scary expensive RNG machine
  • Mixer - Green
  • Extractor - Cerulean
  • Workbench - Cool Azure
  • Refinery - Bright Taupe

While I do think these colors look better, I believe they are less similar.


Stark yellow Maybe For refinery?

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If you made a small beacon and put one of each coil in it, and then reclaimed it, it should leave ash with the colors of the coils. That could be a way to help you find the colors you need


I won’t be able to try for awhile, but will give it a test later! I thought coils all turned a metal/gray color

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