Which ones are rare goo/pigment/paint colors?

there are 2 things to consider , what kind of kernels frequently spawn , and what kind of gleam is the color you try to get.
the 1st thing is what kind of exos frequently spawn , in that regard i’d say that
turquoise, green , moss , yellow, mustard, orange , red, cherry , fuchsia, berry, violet,
maybe lilac as well are quite frequent colors, ofc there have been black and white exos as well but the ones i traveled to were a pain in the butt to get goo from (i normally get 5-15k kernels on an exo i like but on those i lost patience after 1k)

i dont know much about the exos in 2020 but for me considering exos since january there were only rare cases of blues/ cobalt/ cerulean/ azure/ white-black greyscales.

on the 2nd point i noticed a “hidden” rarity chart in block colors some years ago
differentiating between regular available block colors and gleambow only block colors.
now please note that this is entirely hypothetical and only experienced by my own testing and thoughts.
So i was testing if it was possible to mix gleambow gleam with regular available gleam to get lanterns of colors not available . i tested about 20-30 times at which ratio i would have a chance to get rare color. color me suprised that 1 regular gleam was enough to tip the scale of ruining the entire craft color of gleambowgleam and not once but at least 10 time and so i ruined every single testing craft :woman_shrugging: i mean i was prepared for that to happen but still suprised, that gave me the theory of some hidden rarity so that players wouldnt be able to “multiply” gleambow gleam by refining with regular gleam mixed in . i continued testing with exo gleam and sometime mixed up to 4 colors together the result was every single time the regular available gleam got chosen.
And with the same mindset i was looking at my goo mutations. ofc sprays of gleambow only colors get sold fast and the starting goo matters as well but the mutation i get to the desired color are much less on that desired color if its on gleambow gleam.

a nice example is shadow blue , i tried to get tons of shadow blue with night azure goo
turns out i got tons of shadow cerulean even though night azure to shadow blue are only 2 mutation steps , but since shadow cerulean is a “regular” available color it all tended to go there :woman_shrugging:

the prefered order by the system would be regular/sovereign > exo > gleambow

ofc that is hypothetical and i have no concrete data to proof it , just years long experience and what i kinda learned from it.


@Mercutio604 have you tried this tool yet?
There are other tabs also that show colour paths to arrive chosen colour i.e. number of mutations this will give you some idea of which ones are trickier to achieve.
The mixing side of it is also interesting as you can use fillers and the colour u want to get more sprays.


on regards to where all the exo colors are you should talk to @Fante
he looked into the exo spawning data and told the devs 2 years ago that it would be near impossible to get “pure” colors like red /blue / turquoise etc with the current spawning system setup and the color palette would be very restricted.

Yes I am looking through boundlessinfo but researching 255 colors when I just want to grow 1 end color seems a bit lopsided.

It didnt even occur to me the uneven kernel distribution and gleambow only gleam
(I don’t know how gleambow works yet)

I guess I need to get a hold of gleambow gleam for best results.

Thank you for the background information.

Very useful

Something To Note here is that devs said black gleam is not possible To spawn… Still it did spawn.

Is @Fante a dev?

If you wouldve read the thing… He said that devs have said it.

The devs said they are going to add another 40,000 shades of purple.

O.O please do

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I admit i didnt read myself the whole topic… And it kinda reminded me what the situation was back then.

My mistake here. raising hand For error


Shadow blue is a color in game?

Nvm found it as 248

But i am currious if its a possible color for rock as I’ve noticed not all colors are equal in their available shades.

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I’ll be honest here I have very little knowledge on Goo and the process of mutating the colors. I do however have every color of gleam. I also have or had every color of rock (kind of). I simply painted quite a bit of rock for my concrete shop. I would simply buy what I needed in spray… spray the rock and then break that down into sand then use the sand for concrete.

I do know that I want to start a large goo farm but I am very limited on my knowledge other than it seems a lot of RNG. Combine the RNG with no sustainability and it really makes it unappealing to do.

EDIT: I know gleam colors can unlocks at times with a bit of luck and I assume that most any color could unlock, but the odds of that may be rare. I know every once in awhile when I buy a Sov I go through the world control to see if there are any new colors I had previously known to be a gleambow/exo only color. Bright Slate Gleam about a month ago was gleambow but it was unlocked as were several others.

@Rydralain Believe me I have read up on it a number of times and while I think I understand it for the most part the RNG and non-sustainability seem like a real turn-off.

You see it as a turn off, I see it as a challenge :smiley:

@PrincessMaude Oh don’t get me wrong, I have major plans for it and I seldom back down from a challenge. Just from the outside looking in, it seems like it could be a source of frustration. Many people said the same about forging and I love forging. I take goo to be along the same lines.

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Devs said it WAS possible to spawn, though the conversation is, as usual, spread across several threads. Fante’s quote was based on some earlier research and the files with the world builder before the sovereign release.

Didnt read entire post, there is some color that can only be achievable if the good spawned/block spawned in that color or if you got the gleam of said color from gleambow and grow kernel by mutating its color.

Atm not every block can be painted so there some block that are only available if the planet palette occur. Then world palette are another thing, some color cant happen via the planet colors aswell.

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Ok, so gleambow gleam is too expensive for me. Didnt know it was 5k a piece.
So I am going to try a different approach.

Whats the random mutation chance on rock?

My small sample size (roughly 70) is sitting at about 40% mutations based on what I received in seeds…
But I’ve read it was 20% or 1.5%.

so which is right? 40% random mutation is good enough for me to use…

What color of gleam you looking for and how many?