White Goo, for sale!

2 SS plus 218 set at 65c on Trior.


You want to buy? Or sell?
I have a request basket at DK Mall, I buy them at 30c each

Just saw my basket was almost out of money so I added more in, currently buying 7800 kernels of any color.

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I have 2 SS of white goo not selling that low.


A month ago white goo was rare indeed. Two white exos later and theres quite a lot of it about. I only farmed for about an hour and have 3, almost 4 ss.

As it stands I wouldn’t say it was worth anywhere near what it was…which was around 150c

Personally, I would 100% sit on it for a few weeks or a month until supply dwindles down. Assuming of course we don’t get 3 more white exos lol

I don’t blame you.

But exos have been pretty generous in goo kernels lately so I don’t see the price going anywhere higher. I was on the exo earlier and got a total of like 8 smart stacks of kernels of all the colors together

You can always but them on a shopstand somewhere and see if someone comes by to buy them eventually

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That’s what I did instead of collecting dust, I’m not the level of making paint or growing it.



Dat white goo tho…



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