White mosaic on sale at the future (mall) weekend sale 70c!

selling a good amount of white mosaic for 80c each at the future Mall (green wing)
150k + in stock will refill stands when needed!

weekend sale! 70c

edit 2023-07-21T12:09:00Z It’s that time again! happy weekend!


Hate being poor lol


welcome in the Club :smiley: still trying to figure out how to make coins hahaha
so far im running around filling request baskets for gleam, and different resources :slight_smile:


there’s always next week @CrazyIrishJohn ^^

last day for the discount! until next weekend

Refilled and sold out of 300k mosaic! Thanks buyer

Refilled again. 150k in stock

been same since forever hunt sell oort lol

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@Zjawcia i’m buying rough oort for 400c just saying…

All white mosaic sold all 1 million of it!

Thanks everyone

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