White Ornate Glass

So in my browsing I have visited a lot of shops and I am looking for some white ornate glass.

Anyone have any? I’ll gladly come purchase it.

I can make it for you, but I don’t have any already made yet. Only regular and stylish.

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Give me a few I found 100 … it may be enough for what I need. Let you know shortly. Thanks @CleoStJames

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Ok I do need a couple hundred. If you don’t mind. Throw it in a stand or I’ll meet ya. Gladly pay for it :slight_smile:

How much do you need? I have some cooking, but it takes a couple hours to bake.

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200 is more than enough. If you dont mind.

Oh, blocks or panes? I am making both, so it doesn’t really matter. I’ll pop them in the stands at the Oopsie Glass Emporium (settlement name Orijia) on Trior when they are done. There are portals from TNT and GTG.

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Blocks my apologies for not specifying.

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There is 250 white ornate blocks in the stand. :innocent:

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You’re the best … nice shop too!

Can’t wait for a great glass shop.

@majorvex you can close this.