White Ornate Wood Boxes

Hey y’all,

Getting back into the game after the big update, and I made some white ornate wood boxes (yes, that’s the exo white wood).

Before I put them out there, what would you say is a fair price for the exo color for these chests?

Don’t think it’s that rare, we have been getting white on the last 3 blinks :thinking:

Ah, then maybe you’re right. Like I said, I’m just now getting back into the game, so I know it was rare at one point.

What about Night Green wood?

I think some colors are more valuable than others… that part you are correct
I think most valuable ones are “solid colors” like
Blue . Red. Yellow. Green .
Ofc now adays when you can just spraypaint stuff it doesnt rly matter.

Gotcha, that makes sense. Thanks for the response.

Would you say the 32 block stone/wood boxes are worth something like 150-200 coin?

As said it depends on color…
If you are masscrafting those… honestly it doesnt rly cost too much per unit
I mean you are just spending basic ingredients.

Prices range from 99 to 300 so far (as advertised through forums and seen in game in a few places).

I would defo pay up to 150. Beyond that it’s a reap off in my opinion.
In case of very rare color I would pay above 200 and maybe up to 300.

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Cool, thanks for the input everyone. Just wanting to make sure I do it fairly while also not undercutting myself.