Who has reservations? How can someone tell?

I want to trade a few plots in town from one of my alts to someone else - so I’m looking at the plot map. Is there a visual indicator or any way for me to know if one of the neighbors has priority reservations over my alt’s plots?

If I unplot them to trade them…how will I know if they will be automatically taken by a nearby beacon? How can I tell which beacon/plots are older - or if my alt’s plots are the oldest?

Alrighty…there’s no way to find out, I suppose :confused: I guess I am just stuck with those spots and won’t unplot them

Yeah an indicator for this somewhere, somehow would be most helpful!

Also, it would be kinda awesome if we could get a settlement wide setting for beacons that they CAN NOT have beacon protection on.

Except perhaps a list of players or a guild so abandoned spots can not so easily be taken by others when you didn’t notice it, OR perhaps a warning of a beacon going out of ALL beacons in the settlement if the above mentioned setting is on…

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Our community has rules asking everyone to keep the protection off so plots can be freely traded/bought/etc, but there is nothing to prevent anyone from deciding they don’t want to follow along with the rules. :woman_shrugging:t3:

U can check the place ur standing on so u go to places then beacon and i think if they have 10k prestige u wil see if u are able to plot within the buffer it wil show the icon

Yeah and I kinda want to force that!


How do I grapple again? :rofl:

All kidding aside this is more about plots that are currently plotted and if you unplot there’s no way of knowing if you can get them back or not. It would be handy to somehow be able to see it is protected by a beacon you don’t own yourself when you would remove the plots…


would be really nice to have an ordered list of reservations on a plot so we can see who has priority. Not just next in line, but who ALL needs to be dealt with before trying to re-plot things.

Or maybe we just need a mechanism to trade plots instead of unplotting/replotting…


Is this on PC? If so, you can use the debug menu. It has a small table that shows which has priority based on the color of the reservation. That is best. But if you use the B menu, the white reservation is yours and the other color is not. You can move around to see how the reservation color changes to figure out who owns what.

NOW that doesn’t DEFINE AUTHORITY! Caps because that is important. Authority defines who gets what once the plot is removed based on what I remember. I don’t know where we can see that. I still think it needs to be added somewhere.

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Yeah, this :confused: exactly. I’ll just hold onto them for now. I don’t want to take any chances.

James has been awesome as far as helping anyone with their plots goes, but I really hate bugging him about this stuff lol.

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we need some beacon transferring option.

Or maybe add some small delay before a plot becomes reserved.


I don’t think I’ve seen this suggested before and it’s a great idea. Especially if someone is going to be able to reserve across beaconed plots.

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Plot reservarion dispute in Boundless, colorised, 2019


I’m sure he’s happy to help if you ask.


Dang Brunei stakes out a pretty big claim for a teeny tiny country

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