Who has the best prices for t6 AOE tools these days?


cuz I’m looking the goods at a good price :smiley_cat:


I dunno about current market so well but moonies had pretty good deals like 9k each dunno are they gone tough


I know a lot of people like The Golden Fist shop for their T6 or even T7 needs. Yes, tier 7 needs too ;).

Accessed from Portal Seekers Grovidias Te, Ultima Shopping Hub, Cloud City, and a few other hubs as well.


On a bit of a side note. So you have options out there. I don’t use “forum defined T-6” hammers. I use what would be considered T-5 and supplement with max miner skills, food and brews. Now this is great if you craft any combination of this, but if you have to buy all the items then straight up defined T6 is the best route… just imo.


Last i remember @AeneaGames had good hammers with good prices.


Well ye. Dunno is there a shop anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


She can always hand trade them xD


A couple places in Legendville Mall are my go-to’s right now. There is a new place up by the East Hub that I really like.


Legendville Mall, Q-Mart, selling T5 Diamond for 5K and T6 Diamond for 7,500c. Plenty of stock


I hit up the golden fist. really nice set up!


Soon™, soon!

Workshop first, finishing moving second, shops 3rd!

Can’t keep stock up reliably without the first two sooooooo


I have 30 hammers that will be going in the shop when I log on later.
Reapers in legendville mall. 7-8.5k depending on stats.


Reapers is awesome I bought an insane hammer from you keep up the good work


Arnt we forgetting someone friends?


Thanks for the purchase. I try and keep that store stocked. More slingbows will be next in the forge tonight.


Probably 10-15 other good hammer shops being forgotten.

I think at this stage of the game there are plenty of good options to buy from :smile: