Who has the most backed up game notifications?

Winner gets 50k

I had 1493. So you beat me.

Good god that’s more than I thought I’d see hahaha congrats??? Lol

Yikes. That tab is genuinely terrifying. :smiley:

Im surprised, though, that your PM tab is as limited as it is. I had like 60 PMs id missed.

No clue what I had. Paid no attention to it :sweat_smile:

Just wait, the longer you are in the game, the more will come!!!

Had that happen earlier, thought I read them all and a new (actually old) one popped up…


I went to go play overwatch figured I’d let the system catch up. Then tonight when I go to sleep I’ll put a textbook on my controller to scroll down. Haha.

Edit: this is AFTER reading hundreds of PMs haha

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