Who is Still Forging and Selling?

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For the new people coming in and those of us just still in need. - can any of you who are forging and selling tools give a location to where your store is? Newer people are asking and I only have a couple physical stores I can think of.

Specifically aoe tools.

Appreciate the help!


Just checked and the EZPZ Shop, which you can get to through the Maryx portal at TNT, is pretty well stocked - stands are on the level above the portals. :slight_smile:

Starlight Mall, which you can reach through TNT’s shop portals area, as a few with them, Meteor Memories is one, shop is near where you come in.

I like Lil’ Bit in DK Mall but no real recent restock on hammers so not sure if still active but worth looking when there (often has auto-loot ones, which I like).


Thank you, Paka, for the info!


Forged With Love

From TNT Mega Hub or from Pharaos Kingdom accesable

@Marcello666 IS forging again too and has Stocked Up His Shop


I usually buy from Doom101 - portal at TNT megahub on first level, - but recently stock has been low, so not sure if @Dexx666 is still playing.


Yes this would be very helpful for myself as well. I’ve seen alot of new faces today which was absolutely wonderful. They will need all the help everyone has to offer for locations of various things and places.

SeleneRati is forging lots - she has a shop in Zoidberg I think.


Lucent tools for T1-T8 and grapples and bows.
Farming like a boss on Tana (DK’S) and La Familia (via TNT Sovereigns) next to GTG.


Fantasy Tree sells all forged every thing. Cephonex Merika. -654N 925E


I been lazy to forge anything hahaha
Didnt think anyone goes there too hahaha :joy:


That was my go to when I was a little noob. It’s good quality for an insane good price! Really helpful for noobs as well as she gave a friend of mine back then a few tool’s for free as I recommended that shop. I Love her :slight_smile:

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I’ve been trying to keep some T6 AoE diamond hammers and regen bombs stocked in the gleam spots along TNT T5-T6 network.


GTG Hub and GTG Underground have been favorites for awhile now. Good stuff.


Rtg underground? Where is this?

I did forge for the first time in ages. Put a few things out at the Towers of Power of by the bakery.


They are below the the main GTG hub area. There is a portal IN THE HUB. I just always look for the downward arrow. Only small portal though, 1x2 so easy to miss…

They have excellent slingbows, forged totems and probably the best grapples in game, (IMO).
I buy the Emerald grapples because they are good price, and longest range (60m!!!) non lucents I CAN FIND. (GTG Hub has some of the best tools in game. Particularly T6 Hammers)

GTG also links to Arie, which has many many great stores. And sometimes, good forged stuff too.

(EDIT) Lol, Don’t know why I was saying RTG instead of GTG Underground. some kind of Brain problem caused by Distraction I guess. Sorry.

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Ah you mean doza discount store on the hub, the green build

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We will wait! lol!

Awesome! Thanks for all the info! Should help next time someone asks.

I apologise. I was saying RTG when I meant GTG.

I guess because I always use the underground to go to Arie.

(And, as a bonus, you can also go check out Pixie’s workshop pretty easy from there :grin:)