Who likes slides?

Hi everyone, here are 2 links if you want to preview my slides.

Keep in mind that trying them is 100% safe and fun

They are located in Sasquatchville, Alder. We have portals at the Aquatopian embassy, Request Dimension, PS hub on bitula, legendville mall inside our shop (Sasquatch Shop)

If anyone else want to share their slides here I’ll be happy to come try them!


I like the first one that looks fun

Its the most popular of the two, definitely

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U know what we be sweet if our character could sit on a lil cart and we make loops out of the slide ride like a roller coaster

we just opend a “burning arcade” room with a slide and a human pinball slide machine to hold races on check it out on the embassy hub (beckon)

Hi Sasquatch!

your slides are very fun

@kogablue I sure hope so

@the-moebius I’m trying to find them, maybe Ill share the video later

@anon94355725 merci :wink:

I got the next ride figured out, I should start the construction tomorrow

its room with green gleam between new and old hubzone

And the pinball is near the big ship?

yeah ya can use it to get into arcade lol
has another big slide same zone

Nice rides, but no jump on the highest slide :’(

And here a shot of my most succesful slide with the upgraded start ( not always safe when u use it)


Who DOESN’T like slides?

List of best slides

  1. These slides
  2. Slide whistles

999. PowerPoint slides


10 char

Me! I don’t like heights, so when there is a tall slide, I don’t like them. Especially when there is nothing to keep me from falling off the side. Mainly it is the climb up stairs to get to the slide.
I know, coward! I won’t even climb up on a chair. And for mice, if they are dumb enough to show up at my home, my terrier will ripe them apart, latterly! Or a throw a book at it and for some reason I do that and I can actually hit them and kill them. Can’t hit the side of a barn though, LOL

oh, check out his setup of his village, for someone looking for a new place to live, it is worth checking out.

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@Dunedragon think ya wonna see this😁 thx for vid guys

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