Who sells bulk forged 3x3 aoe hammers the cheapest?


I can’t find anyone that wants to sell aoe hammers with 4k damage and durability, if you know anyone please pm me or post here with the price, I would like to buy alot 20-40


Castrum forge has each hammer for 17-40ish


I think i have a couple of 4k i think, if not 1 shot i got a couple of 2 shots. I think i got some rather cheap too.

You could check my shop portal to it is located at the 1th floor of ultima MALL hub labled «Tomir’s».

If you feel they dont do the trick then ill be on in 10min for some handtrades.


@JohnDeW I did send you a message, was just trying to figure out what you meant by 4k damage.

Like a Diamond hammer showing +260dmg ? or just showing +20dmg?


I feel your pain. I spent about an hour and half running around several planets & forges looking for a max clean hammer w DMG AOE + Dura. Bought one from the Skylight Forge.

Edit to add…I don’t think those will be sold for “cheap” anymore :wink:


The Blue Light Special on Storis II and Inverted’s Pit Stop Shop on Malurialakrib sells cheap forged gear. Have clean forges and forges with beneficial/non-impactful quirks (Sinking Feeling isn’t a negative to me on a hammer). Blue Light portals on west side of Grovidias Te PS Hub and 1st floor of Ultima Mall and Pit Stop Shop is located adjacent to the Malurialakrib PS Hub. I try to keep it stocked.


At least 4,000 damage and with durability


To me that’s still confusing since total dmg is based on your skills as well so it easier to say +x dmg on x type of hammer. But alas I’m not a forger so maybe it’s onky confusing to me


Sure @JohnDeW! Problem is, if it is base dmg, no 3x3 will ever do 4k base damage. But if it is the damage shown for you in the orange number (After skills) we need to know what skills you have. So that we might get you the correct hammer!

Easiest way to know what you want is to post a screenshot of the hammer you want.


Oh I have a mining character, with max miner stats and I use durability pie and mega strength brew and the hammer I use says 4k damage then I just want hammer with 2000+ additional durability

Like the max hammers I’ve seen say 7400 or so damage but that is to much power

I’ll take screen shot later today


You could also just say where u want to mine. T5, T6 etc


meh, maybe a screenie is best. for me at least. if he’s using strength brews, I’d hate to give him the wrong one =(

Thanks @JohnDeW that clears it up a bunch! The screenie would help. I was worried you wanted max damage… those are expensive =P