Who./what is this?


I just got out of the shower and I came into sanctum and got this notification.

I’m a little upset about this does anyone have a clue what this is or how someone can send me a message in “notifications” channel with brown text while I’m in sanctum?

EDIT @james I wouldn’t normally ask such a thing but is there a player named “Notifications”? If so this is not a funny joke.


It indeed looks like it’s a whisper to you from a user name Notifications.

That user needs to be handled tho…


Yeah ter i switched channels it doesn’t reappear under the “notifications” channel just under ‘world’ or ‘all’. I can’t select to respond by right or left clicking the icon by the name.

At this point, I’m leaning towards this being an incredibly rude prank.

As I was typing this I’m getting this now, this is just a messed up player.

I hope that it’s within policy for the devs to restrict that user name.

Also while it’s maybe bad form to make a report of this nature on the open forum the original situation was a little disturbing, and since I already posted it and tagged james, here’s what’s going on now and I’m blocking this person:


There was one more similar message after this which i can’t show because adding this user to my permanent block list removed it from my screen.

I am unable to block the user named “notifications” I’m not sure if that’s a glitch due to the name or if that capability disappears when the user is offline. I’ve never had call to use this feature before.

People, DON’T do this.

I would casually help most people in game no problem but with this approach I’m sure I don’t want to know this person.


This guys was just waking around talking but not really answering my questions as if he didn’t speak English


I tried talking to him… He was stuck in 2 deep foliage and couldn’t get out, which could explain the ‘kill me or help me’, he did ask for a heal since his health was low when I was near, I helped him get up, he wanted me to build a house. he’s level 8 but doesn’t know where his home beacon is or how to build, wanted to know what you can do in game, it seemed like someone was pulling my leg if I’m totally honest. So he knows about healing possibilities but doesn’t know how to build. He’s on PS4, his PSN is locked tight, I did get him to send me a PSN friend request and added PSN friends, it’s his only character on this particular PSN account but it could be an alternate PSN account…

I’m all for helping people but either he just can’t understand basic things or he was trying to troll anyone who responded to him so told him I had forgotten the time and that he should watch some jiivita videos on youtube :smiley:


Sorry that happened to you @AeneaGames
Thats a little psycho


This world is out of control.


Report this to James if you have not. I think they may need to address this.


Totally agree, report it, couldn’t read what was said, old lady eyesight, lol. But it sounds like someone who is either trolling or has problems.


in the past when I have been sent a whisper and just gone into sanctum or through a portal to another world the identity of the sender has been hidden replaced with the name of Notifications. I’ve never reported it as it’s seemed to me that it was because of the location transfer and data send/receive settings that the sending becomes kind of anonymous unless you know for sure who sent it.


I don’t see anything wrong with this username, but obviously the messages aren’t okay.


If it was just a poor use of words on this person’s part then thats ok. But if a crappy troll telling you to die or they want to die then say " can I have your stuff!" lol then ignore them… I would certainly not allow them to Upset you.