Who would like to join me on

we all need a getaway game at times, besides boundless I’m running a vintage story server, I’m currently working on fine-tuning it
the game has huge potential since you can make your own mods, even your own content for in-game!
itself the game costs 15 euro or 18 USD

I’m currently looking for hub/spawn builders and possible mod creators

I’m also new to that game myself but it is a game I want to run fully in the future with personal mods and addons, the server has been running for 4 months + now for some testers/friends but yeah like I said I want to spend time on getting the server fully running feel free to pm me or message me on discord HOST#0001
let me know what you think of this please, i can keep talking about it but see it for yourself :slight_smile:
for those interested in the game Mod Api

here’s a little video:


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Is it on ps4

no pc sorry bro