Wholesale Foods

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Anyone interested in buying food stuffs wholesale? Minimum orders must be equal too a single mass craft - Orders will be taken ONLY in mass craft quantities. All prices will be as low as possible :smile:

Let me know if anyone may be interested!


i’ll take 5 MC of Starberry Loafs*.
And 5 MC of Teaching Loafs*

Loafs, not pies…

Whats the cost?

Serious question: why loafs and not pies?

I’d like 4 MC teaching pies (unless I learn from Mittins that that’s actually a noob rookie mistake lmao)

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From my experience, with my mining alt with nearly maxed mining stats, to include epic energy skill and epic energy regen, I can eat a loaf and pretty much mine for 5 minutes straight and then rest for 4 seconds before I go another 5 minutes. With a Pie i can go non-stop until my hammer breaks. My personal opinion is that I can wait that 4 seconds in order to save the mats from the higher tier food. The difference between loafs and pies is not enough to warrant the more mats. Also a Mass Craft provides you 100 loafs instead of 50 pies. I eat starberry loafs almost regularly now, during any type of activity…Hunting, building, mining obviously, and even bombing…

Also, I plan to put most of them for sale in the Storis Welcome Center. I can offer more loafs than pies, and Noobs don’t “need” pies. They can go shop the universe for top tier things.

for personal use, i would normally still go teaching pie over loafs…but my request is to sell to noobs.

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375/each on the teaching pies will be my consistent price.

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100/each on teaching loaf and 8/each on starberry loaf… I do need more starberrys first though so that would have to wait a couple days :smiley:

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Got any gluten-free pumpernickel in stock? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Or my fav ice cream…Helados Nuez-Pecan Paletas?
If so, I’ll buy them all :shopping_cart:

I’ll take a few hundred caustic chili depending on the cost

Stupid bean prices have ruined this essential noob item which should cost way less. I used to sell them for 30 now they’re 100 :weary:

Also I’ll take a few hundred teaching pies.

No rush on either order, I have lots, I just always burn through these

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Wow yeah what is up with bean prices?!?

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