Why are Sweet Bean prices so high?

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I can’t figure out why the price for sweet beans is so high. I know it’s used in beacon fuel, but it’s also the main ingredient for “Teaching” foods.

Currently sweet beans are going for around 30c each, both in baskets and shop stands. Teaching Pies are going for 270-250 to baskets, and are for sale at 250c and up.

The pie for example needs 16 sweet beans for a single pie (11.5 for mass 50 pies) to be made. The price for the beans alone puts the cost of the pie well above the market value of pies.

When you need over 550 beans to do one mass craft to make 50 pies, that adds up quickly both in harvest time and/or coins to buy on the market.

TLDR: What is keeping the price of Sweet Beans so high?

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I think they are also used by forgers. Mine used to ask me for them all the time.

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Because we’re all too lazy to gather them :see_no_evil:


It’s mostly just the teaching foods. I also work mostly with a forger who is also a baker, though :smile:

Request baskets and scanning tools mean we have a buyer driven market and upward price pressure is higher than downward on most high volume markets.

That makes sense, but then shouldn’t the price of the Teaching foods go up as well? Are they just not as in demand as the beans then?

They are actually really easy to get on a few planets. Personally I enjoy gathering so doesn’t bother me. Usually couple it into an hour of mass gathering and I’m good for quite a while.

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No forging ingredient uses sweet beans, only spicy and bitter :slight_smile:
That said, i reckon forgers want them for the pies!
I always have a few stacks on hand :slight_smile:


Both pressures exist, and bakers want to sell the foods.

Mass craft values, maybe some self farming for other ingredients and bonus consumable buffs help the larger producers to keep margins low, and actual gatherers who also bake supply some downward pressure as well.

If anyone puts out a batch too cheap with self gathered beans, a larger producer may pick those up to help lower average costs also.


I reckon what happened was that there’s been a price war between a bunch of pie-makers. The prices never recovered!

(Also note that with consumable guild buff, you get slightly more when crafting and cooking pies)


Yeah I just use them for pies. I can’t waste precious building time to gather beans.


I remember when teaching pies were over 1k coin each!!!


That’s a good point, I Hadn’t considered the guild buffs. That might be enough to tip the margins up above 0. I’ll have to look into that.

In the mean time, I might just have to become a bean seller to make some money :slight_smile:


Yup and now they are close to 100c ea

Do it!! Take their money!! Lol


Persist are, Teaching pies below 300 are still getting flipped.

Looking at mega fast / adrenals is painful atm. If a seller decides to stock heavy at a time when the market is high, they need to hold it up to move that stock, too. You can sell a mega fast into a buy basket right now for more than I’ve ever paid for one.

I gather and horde everything. Other then creature trophies I find adrenaline glands one of the harder items to keep a lot of stock of. But I do use speed brews for everything.

The Great Bakery War of 2020!!! :smiley:


The market is in a weird place where people would rather sell pies than beans. Those selling pies probably just gather their own beans.

Alot of us keep the sweetbeans for ourselves to make our own pies, when the prices crashed it got to the point where no one saw it worthwhile to sell them if you could buy them so cheap.
And those selling them so cheap couldn’t keep stock.

I’d say 30 mins should be enough to grab the 576 for a mass craft. I can normally grab a stack in under an hour if my spots have regenned and meteors don’t interrupt


Lol yea for some reason I thought bob was talking pres pies. I don’t remember teaching pies being that high as I’ve only recently started to use them :sweat_smile:

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