Why cant I set a guild as my primary guild?

So there has been this problem for months that out of all of my characters there is one I can not have a guild. It use to be in EZPZ and it’s my hunter. Well since EZPZ don’t have no buffs no more I tryed looking for a guild with buffs. The first guild I joined in January I can join them and I am in there book. But it will not let me set it as my primary guild. I clicked and clicked and nothing I refreshed game. I have waited a few days and nothing. Then I got really concerned. So I tried to use my harvester I was able to join it and make it my primary guild no problem. Same with my character that does bruise I was able to join the same guild no problem I go back to my hunter to join it will not let me have a primary guild. Then if we fast forward to the present I finally passed the reapers challenge. With my hunter. And guess what almost 3 and 1/2 months later I still cannot have a primary guild it lets me donate money to any guild I want but it will not let me set any guild as a primary guild. We’ve even tried kicking me out of the guild and reinviting me we just do not know why it’s only that character all my characters can be in a guild and have a primary guild only my hunter character has this problem. I am starting to get a little aggravated not anyone but just at my character LOL. Any advice would be nice, and thank you for any advice. :heart:

Have you tried turning it off and then back on :rofl:

No in all seriousness, I had this happen once but restarting the game fixed it for me.

My suggestion, though (since I’m sure you’ve restarted the game a few times in all of this), would be to leave the guild currently set as your main and see if you can set a new one

Yes during the three and a half a month of me trying to be part of a guild there was lots of me logging on and logging off LOL. I cannot even make a guild with no buffs be my primary guild. I have left guild I have rejoined them like it says I’m a part of them that’s not the problem the problem is it will not let me make it as my primary guild I’ve even deleted my whole entire guild list and started over to see if that would help and still nothing. If that’s what you mean?

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Yeah that’s exactly what I meant.

If you’ve already tried quitting all the guilds and rejoining and still can’t set a new main- then I am out of ideas

When it happened to me I assumed it was just a visual hangup (and despite showing I hadn’t switched it actually had), which is why I tried restarting the game client right off the bat

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the real quick fix for this is once you have joined the guild let the guild owner kick you, then rejoin.

They even tryed doing that and still did not help

There have been issues in the past where a guild would try to remove players, but when they checked, the players were still in the guild. I think James also said there was an issue if someone had deleted a character themselves. I believe it was a bug that was fixed, but it might still exist. I haven’t tried it, so I’m not sure.
If you’ve tried everything mentioned by others & nothing works, I’d contact support@playboundless.com. I don’t know where this lands on the priority totem pole though.

the is the same problem all guilds have been having for years ,you have rejoin guild leave then rejoin again for it to be primary again but it might kick you again next day .This resolved it self with my alts after stay out the guild for a week and joining right before guild buffs reset,
This does not always work but is the only solution we have found so far in VIKINGS

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I will send them what I explained here and hopefully they can tell me something more useful than telling me it’s on my end or telling me something I’ve already explained. That’s why I have not brought this to them sooner.

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Here is what it was for me and it goes with what host stated.

This is the key thing to look for that made me look into it.

Are you still seeing a guild chat for a guild not in your list of guilds?

If so that is the one you have to rejoin and then ask them to kick you. It will then let you make any guild on your list your primary.

It was with one of my alts I had the issue but could be with any Toon. Alt guild assignment (Solved)

if what wonder said is related to EZPZ just let me know i can try it with that for you as i currently am running it for kari and whitlet ofc

So I am not with EZPZ no more so I know that’s not the problem. And I don’t have any chats that I should not have. I looked into that today and nothing.

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I made a report to support today and tiggs is looking into it right now. That is what I was told. So I hope to hear good news :joy: and thank you everyone for trying to help me I am just sorry I feel like I did nothing but have everything not work. But the love in people trying to help me dose mean a lot. Thank you