Why did the js build have better graphics?

I noticed in multible screen shots looking at pictures how the js build Looked so much better in terms of shaders and lightning also particle effects. I just wanna know why that build has better graphics then the lates build

they had to rework all when they moved to c++, not all is done, yet.

Ive red every dev log i never saw that

You may have missed the bits where it’s mentioned that everything still needs final polish. Y’know, also that the game isn’t finished yet :wink:

With Wonderstruck being a small team, they also need to prioritise the work they do. For me personally, I prefer that they have prioritised new features over polish.

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A thing that I noticed with the old textures is that they were way cleaner and more ‘modern’. The current textures are crowded and very medieval like (wich doesn’t really fit the style of the game imo). Also a lot of effects haven’t been ported to the c++ build. And the old worlds looked way better than the current ones. As soon as we have a ton of varied worlds to explore it will look better than now.

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I’ve commented on this before - here.


Actually I will add an additional comment here:

  1. When we first announced the game with ~5 worlds we polished the visuals: there was a snow world with snow - for example.

  2. When we released on Steam with ~50 worlds, we polished the visuals: weather, lighting and day night cycle for all the worlds.

  3. When we released the trailer, we polished the visuals a lot! Added the portal effect, added some custom weather effects, added some custom lighting, used some of the coolest builds we could find, etc.

Polishing the visuals will always make the game look better. We’ve not done that since the Paris Games Week trailer last year. A polish pass on the game will make it much more cohesive and tighter visually. But it’s hard to add content and polish at the same time, else it’s: add, polish, add, polish, add, polish. It’s more efficient to add, add, add, add, polish.

That said, yes the game does look different - and I really hope that once we do a polish pass the overwhelming majority of players will agree that the latest version looks superior to the older versions. However, styling has changed and it’s possible some will always prefer the older stuff.