Why do people feel the need to take others stuff?

I logged onto Ruchs to get stuff from my house as I’m moving to a new world since 5 people decided to build around my house and left me no room to build out. I discovered that someone took all the items I’d been collecting from different places. Why would they feel the need to steal someone’s stuff?

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@Joreel Shoot, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m one of the people who has been building on Ruchs, where is your house? I don’t know who took your stuff, my group has tried to be very respectful. If it helps, please feel free to use the collection found at the Capital, just please remember to use “i” to replace anything you take!


I think Ruchs has been hit by griefers harder than any other planet so far.

Joreel, where were you located? The only thing pre-made I noticed when I moved to Ruchs was some giant walls a little ways away. If your stuff around my area I can give you assess no problem to build. I think at this point all 5 people have opened assess to each others. This way its an open building community not so much a solo’ed area.

Can’t wait for beacons.


I think we only get greifed because we’re actually a community with a lot to destroy. And we talk about our area and welcome people to it regularly. I’m not going to change that due to a few jerks. Everyone is still welcomed to come and see us.

Joreel, where are you? You know if you want to build around a little community, come to our Metropolis. It’s just Southwest of the capital and there’s a lot of space left to set up a beacon with us. Plus, as a little community, we are very good at helping each other out.

And Cirlex, we have beacons. Just request one from the forum and tell them where and how you want it.


Sorry I was away from the computer for a few days. I’ll come and see where I can fit in :smile: