Why does no one sell gold doors

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I ran to almost every mall/planet and only got about 70 total… not I’m waiting 6 hours to mass craft some :sob:

Ok I’m done sorry peeps…

But foreal… who has a great building supply co.? (Other than the Ausies but I do love them)

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Did you check at trior? there is a shop that sells metal goodies

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I think Autumn Dell could have those.

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I believe if you get silver doors you can transformation chisel them to gold, but I’m not 100% sure on that one.

You cannot. You can only transform blocks.

Not “craftable things”.

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Wait does this mean there is a way to change silver to gold and vice versa though? Is there any metal block that can transform chiseled?

Now I know for sure compact gold, refined gold, and that line of blocks can be transformed back and forth between gold and silver. Same for iron and copper, but titanium doesn’t have a counterpart block…

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think you can even wack a diamond block and change gemtype

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Haha. Funny you ask this. Had a hard time finding silver doors. Making door store soon.


You can change all the 3 types of trunks and most of their product blocks, same for rock and soil, all gems and metals

With the exception of Titanium, unless there’s a 6th metal out there that can only be obtained through transformation chiseling.

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Oh yes that one can’t be changed.

I’m not sure if you bought me out on eresho or honestly, if I had any left. I haven’t been over there in a while.

In a couple weeks we’ll be able to make all door styles in gold and silver so you might find more people making them after that.

Also, you can type change seams. If you just need a few of something that’s harder to find or you won’t be making blocks.

You all are really making my day. Apparently I don’t have enough common sense to put two and two together, because I already knew about most of the rest of the transformations mentioned, but for some reason metals never occurred to me! Lol

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Ye transforming helps you with example when you making coils. You can easily change silver to gold machined block and vice versa

Lol, I was gonna do this too eventually. Was gonna call it ‘Moredoor’
Geddit? Like Mordor? Hehehe


Pls do, there are not enough door stores.
Most only cover wood and rock. Some may be brave enough to sell gleam ones lol

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how many do u need?

Come check out Nomads Metals! In iLLumiNaughty on Trior. Powerman (@CanadianEh) has all things metal! And I checked… gold doors in stock.


Do you realize how heavy a gold door is to carry around?