Why does Steam Suck so bad?

I become irritated when I sign into steam and see their list of games they are advertising. OMG it’s the same stupid game list re-rolled over and over and over again. And a lot of those games have incredibly bad reviews!

Why arn’t they advertising awesome games like Boundless? I am assuming there is a cost feature to be featured? I argue this because some of the games they advertise, are not even supported anymore, and long lost dead games. Which tells me that Steam keeps rolling things through milking money form kids who don’t read. Also this shows their business ethics.

Boundless needs to Never be out of their featured section.


Okay here it is, the big day… Open Steam, hit Featured, no Boundless. BUT the same crappy games that have been advertised for 15 years every week is sitting there mocking me. Same titles so old my Intelevision would run them.

One would think they would jump on something like this. Unless it’s more of a business of advertising that has to be paid to be featured. Which I don’t believe because old non supported games are constantly on there. they have to get a % of sales instead. To their benefit, they need to Put Boundless in featured.

Uh, I found Boundless because it was under “New and Popular” for me on Steam.