Why is Boundless population so small?

You can mod the heck of out minecraft and change the game so much. Could be the reason that it does much better.

I agree with you. I dont want modding, I want game depth.

If I want to mod a voxel game, I’ll go to minecraft. They even have graphic mods.

I want boundless to be a roleplaying game with creative elements and depth to each role, so people can do what they want to do, but so we are not all doing everything.

I feel that they should target the game more towards a roleplay adventure/builder game, but this isn’t minecraft 2.0


Yea I would not want this modded that way either. I like boundless for how it is (for the most part).

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More combat need more combat


Not trying to change subject, but private worlds with unlimited plotting would quench a lot of Minecraft thirst - so you could just build and build and build. Streamers etc. would be the target audience for this.


I understand what you are saying but boundless is not an rpg. It is a mmo sandbox. As a sandbox game their are no roles and in all the sandbox games I have, I can do whatever I want. Maybe the issue is as a sandbox the game should not be forcing players to make choices on what they want to do like we have to now on certain skills where it is an either or.

I do agree with the comments saying the game is too grindy and over complex. I do think this may be why James talked about looking for ways to simplify the game and remove the fat.


I would love this game forever if I could max all skills on one character/page. Won’t happen, and everybody would hate that.


As an everybody I would not hate it. I might have to reach level 100 to get them all, but would not hate it. Just because I could do it all does not mean I would either. I detest forging so would still need others to forge even if I had the skills.

I am not convinced this is outside of being possible.


I understand. And I think this is the reason why boundless is having trouble growing. There are 2 different populations and two different wishes for the game.

The people who bought the game because they thought it would be a more community driven roleplaying game where you could build cities, or fortresses to fight monsters, or be a component of the online society doing your part to make some thing great in a voxel landscape.

Then there is the other population that wants to do everything at once and have all skills, basically a new minecraft.

The devs are trying to cater to both, but in then end it is impossible, because if you do both then neither side will be happy with something.

I dont know the solution and dont claim to have the right one. Just have hopes from my view point. I wanted adventure and the ability to select a role in a society that came together to do cool things.

And you could be right. While they never specifically mention that boundless is an rpg, that does not mean a lot of players are not used to mmo games having an rpg component. Maybe the attempt to limit skills was an attempt to force roles, but allowing skill sets and alts totally stripped that away.


Make the game like Trove.

Every time I log on I should be able to choose a tier world and type of world then have a huge one generated to explore and harvest with other people.

Give us all plots of land connected socially for creative builds.

Playing the same planets over and over sucks.

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RNG worlds would be pretty sweet

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I’ve asked this question myself a few times. At this point I’ve resigned myself to the belief that @james has a secret road map for boundless that they’re not going to tell us about. I hope and pray that it is a good plan.

What have u been up to @Karokendo ? Haven’t seen you in forever!


(This is not all @ Simoyd - just going off of your quote though)

I think this is on the money. I think the MMORPG folks would love this game & they are constantly looking for something like this. I’ve never seen BL mentioned as an option in those discussions though - (WoW RS BDO etc).

I feel like the MMORPG folks understand/enjoy grinding and building a character, fine-tuning your skills, etc. They understand working your way up to being able to travel to a far-off/harder regions/worlds. They’ll spend years with a game and have no problem spending $ on it.

The MC/Roblox crowd wants everything and wants it now - or a modded server/creative mode to make it the way they want it…now. I do feel like BL is more similar to Trove/CV than MC. I feel like voxels are the only thing BL and MC have in common.

Whatever they do going forward, I feel like the whole plotting/land acquisition/fighting thing needs a lot of work. You can’t stop people from being toxic or jerks to each other, but I feel like housing/plotting could be presented in a more contained/simpler way to avoid a lot of issues. I don’t know how they’d do it though.

I also think they need to lighten up on the drops so that’s it’s more fun than work. It’s a game, not punishment. If people don’t get #feelsgoodman from what they’re doing, they’ll do something else where they can get that. I don’t want to go to a planet and spend 3 hours looking at a few pieces of metal here & there or 0.02% lucent gems. That’s not fun. Period. We need more ways to get oort: falling stars, 2x meteor drops weekends, hidden treasure pods/chests underground or in the water…FUN game things.

Even the most difficult/annoying MMOs I play include fun prizes in hidden places and stuff. We could use some of that here. Dungeons. Bosses. Temples. Derpy outfits. LOTS of little decor/building things.

Sometimes a person just wants to eat cheetos while they’re making fuschia furniture & afk catching imaginary fish.


I totally agree with your posts here, but I do think it’s possible to make everyone happy- some people will just be mad about the changes they have to make. A lot of the comments here are similar to threads about the economy, and your idea of how the game should play out is the same as how I believe they can make the economy flow.

I wouldn’t want to have to choose a role, because I think the leveling system takes care of that itself, but I think each role currently in the game must first be identified, then an equal amount of potential activities and ways to thrive should be created for each. And they need to be more unique, like you said about farmers and gatherers being able to get the same stuff.

My buddy I started with was obsessed with trading. He didn’t want to do anything else. I helped him build most of his stuff and gave him a lot of my mats in return for the building mats he made. Neither of us wanted to spend all of our time gathering. So when gleam was selling quite consistently for 25+, he would travel the galaxy looking for anything cheaper to resell. Then suddenly everyone was selling gleam for 10 and they had 10’s of thousands to sell. He couldn’t afford to buy anyone out of anything or undercut prices so he quit and never came back, because there was simply nothing for him to do anymore.

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I do think this may be the key to it all. But I’m not sure.

If private worlds do come out, then the creative folks get to go do their thing on their private planet. Which in turn then allows the main comminity/game/mmo RPG to develope. Giving the devs the greenlight essentially to build it out like a survival/creative/roleplaying/community driven game.

With roles, and skill trees for classes. And depth to the complexity.

Edit: this might initially reduce the number of players in the main universe. But in the end we could see very healthy growth for both groups of players.

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I think their publicity has been short of what is needed to get the social media ball rolling, this would be my main reason.

At the same time, they may have good reason to not want that ball rolling at this time
Bring out titans, and have another hunt party like we did pre-release. That would hopefully be a 5 or 6 part endeavour for streamers / youtubers. I think they might be intentionally under-advertising until all the meaty bits are in place, and all our meaty bits are covered with snazzy wearables. #pants.

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havent seen any mention in comments about the Gleambow event being the highest point of population… doesn’t that narrow this entire question down to “more activities”?


What do you mean by depth? So far we have mechanics some people love and some hate - especially crafting… I like to build with rare, good looking mats but uh, when crafting takes several steps and takes 6h (i dont mind wait time) it’s arduous.

Hey, I took a break to focus on personal projects and work. I’m making Hyper Light Drifter clone game :)) I’m still waiting for blueprint system to be introduced tho.

By depth I mean progression in roles, skills, tools, and complexity of items you can make, buy, sell, trade, or find. More mechanics that allow for interesting gameplay between roles.

Specific people like to gather, trade in for coin then get better stuff. The miner does the same but with ores and gems.

The next tier of people use those basic goods to then create forging potions, brews, foods, gear.

Then the next tier carpenters, forgers, or some other form for complex builder like robot maker or complex tinkerer then uses that mid level trade items to make their craft, that can then be used by anyone. Miners. Farmers. Gathers. Hunters.

Hunters can have a dichotomy too, with skills. They can be heavy hunters with a shield and sword. Or light with a sling bow. Or support with healing, or stealth specialty for roadrunners.

Then a new tier above that which would be like a soldier level with skills for fighting titans or powerful monsters like the concept bashers. Which all drop random or rare loot which can then be sold for coin to reoutfit.

By depth I mean social dynamics, complexity, and weight to roles to create a community of different crafts.

This is how a dynamic economy could flourish too. You need rare resources and a wide range of resources to create a supply and demand. You need resource sinks and resource boons.

It’s about deepening the web and increasing the possibilities.