Why is my portal sideways?

Not much I can do about it now. But I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

So I set up my two blocks. Only one side is facing the open room. I took the portal token from it.

I then went to my friends place, set up the two blocks, entered my portal token (he’ll be the one fueling it) and opened the portal. I walk through…and my side is sideways. I tried to chisel it to make it turn, no dice. Also no option to turn it in the menu.

So I did a horrible redesign of the room for that one portal, but I want to make sure that never happens again.

  1. Is there any way to fix this without wasting 50+6.5 days of Oort?

  2. What did I do wrong?

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You can interact with the portal again on the side you activated it with and take your fuel shards out. It costs to reopen again, but you won’t lose all your shards. :slight_smile: How big is it? Afaik 1x2 portals always face N/S or E/W, whichever cardinal direction it’s facing now. How To Place Portals Right The First Time (OP Outdated - See Replies)

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1x2. I’ll give that a read. Thanks

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Can’t you use a chisel to rotate like furniture?

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2 wide portals are always recommended and never have this problem…
However if it must be 1 wide (or impossible due to existing build or w/e):
the portal you take the token from will always face N/S. if both portals face E/W you have to live with one being sideways.
The portal you open will always face you when you open it.
if one portal faces N/S and one E/W, you’ll have to open/fuel the side facing E/W.


not when it’s open…

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You should be able to (hint, hint devs), but, no.

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Damn. Thanks for posting this then! I’m glad I’m prevaricating on where to link mine to because I had no idea about this and would probably have arsed up.


Also do I understand you need more than 50 oort shards to open it?

50 to open it, one per hour to fuel it.

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minimum, yes.
next size 100, all the way up to 500 to open the biggest portal. (10x10)

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i seriously thought 1x2 portals always open N/S

Yeah, I should have specified.

2x1 need to face north south.

The side you open it from will be in the direction you opened it. But the side it goes to (which is the one you took the token from) will always point N/S.


Chisel town hub that has just gone up has them all facing west.

What size? Doesn’t matter if it’s more than 1x2

Just 2x1. There is one linked and it is indeed sideways.

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Had the same problem, linking my post Dest portal orientation