Why isn't this connecting. .

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So I’ve got these three small plotted areas right. . .

As you can see, all three areas are connected to a two plot road (front and back). The two plot road is connected to the “City” but these three sections are their own little Hamlet as you can see in the screen shot below. . . what am I doing wrong?

How do I get these to connect to the city?

Are they aligned to the same guild? Have you walked outside the city then back? Sometimes it takes a second?

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Yes, they are all aligned to the same guild. . . I just double checked to be sure.

I haven’t walked out and back in, will try that real quick.

Okay yes, I’ve walked out and back in now. No change.

What does the road plotted area look like. Any red squares?

No, none. . .

plotted by your alt? and you forgot to give you perms? not aligned to guild? or just plotted with own beacon, not just added to your area using only plotter?

@bunky8604 do the spots reach yet 10k prestige?

To form a settlement or join one, you need 6 plots and 10k prestige… everything underneath does not regenerate even footfall

Thanks everyone, georgegroeg actually stopped by in game and help me find the problem and fix it. It turns out I needed to widen the roads way out on the other end of the settlement.