Why this game has no windows?


Maybe they mean: like in MC there are full, square glass blocks…but there are also glass window panes. I don’t think they blend together though. (I haven’t played MC in awhile)


Actually I’ve a community request if someone wants to run with it.

Can we build an ordered list of props (beds, shelves, toilets, whatever) that the community wants to see added. The order is important. If we added 1 prop what would it be? If 5 what? If 10 what? Canvas community input for ideas, and discuss what ordering would be best.


We can add almost any mesh. But meshes can’t be chiselled.

If we literally want a skinny flat transparent thing - that’s easy. (A gleam sign with no border.)


This, but clip to the edge like a door does.


This description made me :rofl::rofl::rofl: but yes, I think this would appease everyone :+1:


I would put beds at the top of the list. A bed could serve a functional purpose too, like a well-rested bonus, and to me, a house just isn’t a house without a bed! Also, rather than returning to the Sanctum, could just make my character go to bed when I step away.


When I did start play Boundless glass blocks had wooden borders like on picture. Players did want smaller borders to glass block so it is like it is now.

Can these be added back as more expensive recipe like for example wood + glass at some point?


this might not be so bad. espeshaly if it could clip to the same places on a block that doors do AND also in the center of the block.
you could also opt to be able to craft separate window frames that would auto clip glass once installed.
the frames could have the categories like doers do basic, stylish, and ornate. basic glass, stained glass, gleam glass.


We do have to remember this would be a mesh so we would be limited to 500 in a chunk.


PC player detected!

Engine limitation which was first developed solely for PC…


It was actually first developed for a web browser…


Shhht, you ruin my comment with that! :smiley:


Well the web browser was on pc before any gaming console sooo still valid point


Master Race!

Joke’s aside… I wouldn’t mind non-transparent windows.


Honestly lots of us want tinted windows even if it counts towards chunk limit for now it’s at least something for us to use.


It would be neat to see tinted windows but I know I wouldn’t use them because of it counting towards the chunk limit


I could never use them on my house way to much glass but on my shop absolutely only a few windows But I’m also sure not everyone builds crazy massive stuff like me lol.


Most of my shops have no windows. Either in a mall or in the water :joy: but yea my builds have too much storage/signs/shop stands(storage), machines and like you said the glass.


Glass is wats put into a window there’s no frame to hold it our to open the glass


Would this be hard to implement? The assets already exist, right, would it be complicated to make a new recipe for this? I’d love to have an option for the wood framed glass too!