Why this game has no windows?


As the title suggest, this game needs more “basic” furniture items, I mean… probably there is a way to make them later on… but it would be nice to have more options…


No windows.

Only real options are glass and/or gleam signs. and chisel detail around them


Is there a technical reason reason for that°? Like some console limitation bs?


Doubt its technical. Would think it would be same range/code as doors.

Game is missing a ton to be a sandbox builder.


but you got the unsittable chair a masterpiece in modern boundless design :joy:


I use glass, or single size doors as shutters, or a combination of both.


Glass is just fugly… tbh.


Yeah, more decorative furniture is high on my wish list, my house looks kind of empty. I’m thinking: beds, dressers, bookshelves, wall and floor decoration, and such.

On the decoration - this would maybe be a little tricky but imagine being able to turn screenshots into murals. :slight_smile:


check sticker concept art think devs where also messing with sticker windows our drapery


They have mentioned in 1 post awhile back that doors were meant to be used at windows also. But then they give you this lock the size of another window you have to attempt to hide to make it visually appealing.


i like it for when i really wonna make sure its closed :smile:
my very first day ever in boundless(beta) i landed on a house that went wild and all that was left was wood and one lock
took me weeks to figure out what that thing did hahahah was no one around to ask lool





July '17

Still no stickers or windows…

but we have these deco blocks thats almost unusable in most builds :expressionless:


Yes there were technical reasons the glass is the way it is. There are more than a few posts in the forum talking about it and why things are the way they are.


Transparent items in graphics need to be rendered in a controlled order to be blended and presented correctly.

The voxel renderer (the thing that renders all the cube + sloped voxels) doesn’t currently support reordering.
The mesh renderer (poles, beams, items, storage, signs, characters, creatures, etc) does support ordering and hence transparency.

The glass block is part of the voxel renderer and hence doesn’t have fancy transparency.
A window mesh (like the gleam sign) could support transparency.


Down with Windows!
Up with PS4!

But seriously, glass issues aside, windowpanes and beds and cabinets and such would be cool for role playing (build a house with a living room, kitchen, bedroom etc)


I was referring to the fact that there are no windows not the way glass looks.


Can you please explain a bit more on what you mean then. I honestly don’t get how a glass block doesn’t create a window. Maybe provide a picture or something showing what you mean?


What if a mesh was added that didn’t have a frame or edge? It would look like glass in a big way.

I’ve seen people trying to use the gleam signs as windows. If they didn’t have the scroll detail along the edge, they would be seen as legit windows maybe?


Window panes with shutters?
Those wood cross shaped things in windows?