Why we find oort beautiful

everybody is saying that oort is more beautiful than minecraft but why is that? the graphics are better and so are the lighting and shading but is that only it?

why is this so beautiful? i can tell you, it is because it is not perfect like minecraft. it is not just blocks, its slopes and different changes in enviroment, that is what truly makes it beautiful, as explained by an old japanese saying

‘‘In everything, uniformity is undesirable. Leaving something incomplete makes it interesting, and gives one the feeling that there is room for growth. Even when building the Imperial Palace, they always leave one place unfinished.’’

i hope this put things into perspective and gives a good argument when people say this game is inferior because it is not perfectly flat everywhere :smile:

To point out though is that humans are naturally drawn towards symmetry and in human features such as faces we are programmed to view it as beautiful because it is near impossible to obtain, we are drawn to the perfection of man made creatrions but in the nature we are more drawn to the imperfections which creates certain flows and make every single tree, flower and area unique.


I think oort looks so much better than MC because it’s world generation has a human element to it that allows it to look more cinematic. It’s algorithms and humans in harmony!


The ambient sounds, the way they change when you submerge, the way the colours and light are handled. These are both things minecraft lacks.

I would love if we saw more development and diversity poured into ambient sounds. Strange as it may be, I think sound plays a key role in determining if something ‘looks’ beautiful. Our senses are not so disconnected.

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It was mentioned and the devs said they would look into it.

We’ve often talked about the worlds as being crafted - rather than simply procedurally generated. Obviously the worlds are procedurally generated - but instead of a fixed function where you can only tweak the controlling parameters - with Oort you can build completely unique pipelines that utterly customise the world.

[I often think of this as being similar to the transition from “[fixed function pipelines]1” to “shaders” in computer graphics.]

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Uh. james now that i can catch you

what is the difference on GUI, HUD and UI. and what would you call the hotbars/minimap you see now?

We’ve got some special plans for the ambient audio for both effects and music. All the audio in the game at the moment was pretty quickly added for the Steam release.


Well they all roughly overlap, but I would probably say:

  1. HUD - is the UI presented to the player whilst they’re interacting with the 3D world. So the hotbars / minimap / status bars would all be part of the HUD.

  2. GUI - is the UI presented to the player when they’re interacting with UI outside of the game world (game menus, options menus, etc) and the more sophisticated UIs of chests, beacons, shops, player inventory, etc.

  3. UI - is a catch all for the all the non-3D interfaces in the game.

We have a new and unified UI coming to the game. It’ll unify all the different visual components and also have a slick style.


Nice. look forward to see what you guys are gonna throw out in the patch.

GUI update will not be in the next few releases - as it’s still in development. But hopefully we’ll be able to share some designs + screenshots in the next few weeks.

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Shame. cause although i am sorry to say so, you guys are going to need to create something rather drastical with this patch since it is 3 months since last patch.

We don’t intend to have 1 huge update that changes everything, rather a series of incremental updates that gradually add and update features. We’re trying to get into the rhythm of doing new releases every Wednesday (potentially slipping into Thursday if we hit any issues.)


thats nice.

I imagine Oort looking a bit like this in the future, with a few more blocks of course :grin:


wait who did that?

I just found a nice picture on Google images and added a few ‘character models’ :smiley:


well it might be, but you need to stand pretty far away to see it like that.

In response to the OP, I believe you are correct. Two cases in point. …

  1. When I first backed Landmark, I was so impressed with the idea of taking MC to a new level of realism, but that ended lowering the creative freedom bar and I lost interest.

  2. I just this week looked at my steam recommendations which includes 10 MC clones because I backed this one. Only one kept the true sandbox voxel aspect and that one does not have an RPG element.