Will Boundless have unique items?

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One of the things that makes the greatest RPGs great (i.e. skyrim, diablo, terraria) is unique items. Will Boundless have unique items? Things that make gameplay interesting and unique? Perhaps as rewards for taking down titans? Or are all weapons/armor/items direct, linear upgrades from one to the next?


Not at all! The weapons will be heavily customizable.
Also there wont be any function armor(only for good looks) but instead rings/earings/etc. That will enhance some stats or give certain abilities. So each player will be fairly unique

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Maybe not ‘unique’ but I would love there to be a crafting skill tree where you can choose the abilities of your equipment as you get a higher level. Maybe stuff like:

  • more durability
  • faster crafting time
  • faster swing time
  • able to mine stuff 1 tier higher
  • requires 1 less swing to break stuff

and a host of other options, so each tool will be different depending on what skills the person who made it has.

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do you mean if i get level up and i add 1 point to a passive skill like “more durability” so now i can add that on the equipment to take it’s effect?

I was thinking it would be more of a passive applied when crafting the item

Well, i think we are on the right track with customizability of items, but i think we can do better. A spear that i craft at the start of the game, and a spear with better durability is…a somewhat boring upgrade. Even attack damages and swing speed are still just plain upgrades. I am hoping that I will be able to hunt down a titan or clear a dungeon with friends, and be rewarded with a spear that could shoot fireballs or something. I would like items that change the way i play the game, instead of little tradeoffs in the statistics of items. Just my $.02.

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Totally agree with you @tropicallazerbeams :+1:
The legendary weapons in WoW (for example), with their special models and VFX really made you feel special and powerful for owning one.
Frankly, I don’t think that something like that will happen in Boundless. On the one hand because those items usually require their own special models etc. and the developers already have their work cut out getting other models done. On the other hand because the developers are all about that "Everything is equally good, just different "nonsense.

I can put your mind at ease. A while ago a developer said that it might work somewhat like this:

(might be outdated tho)

The only thing we’ll get in that regard is a pair of armrings, afaik


Still salty about that one :angry:


Explosive ice shotgun? Now THATS what im talking about! I know that the devs are working their butts off making this game, and I can totally respect that. I just want to urge them to put some serious thought into item/gear progression, either now, later, or even after release. I honestly think that is what could make this game legendary. It just cant be ignored. Im just looking for some variety in items, they dont have to be better/worse than other items, just different in terms of style and use. I would love to see some cool rewards for hunting titans and exploring dungeons. Once again though, just my $.02.

If I’d hunt down an enormously giant sized mechanoid titan, I’d try to salvage the eye lenses. Maybe a form of denser compressed gleam plates. Those could be used for capturing sun beams from above (Actually not thinking of “Lord of the Flies” atm). If you have such a ‘solar compressor’ you could set up a lot of them in different angles and distances in order to transmit channelized solar energy and signals over large distances. The purpose of such a project is still unclear to me atm. but there definitely would be possibilities to add gamemechanics and play logic to it.


Unique is a word unknown in MMOs… Cuz most are not unique at all because hundreds of players have them ^^

But like mentioned before those fancy mods and upgrades could also be available on a very high level with rare mats to craft them may be under harsh circumstances (like in a crafting bench that is not buildable but to be found rdy to use in an old temple protected by tough protectors for example). This special mods should not be better then the normal ones but have a unique look so that everyone see what the item was made off without giving unneeded extra power to the players (I’m a strict foe of any item spiral mechanics like they are known in most MMOs :wink: )


I think if one would want to have really unique things in BL, you’d need to build them. Item-wise, I believe it would be very difficult (expensive in terms of actual currency) to wield a unique item which only one user has for him or herself.
And I’m still thinking of that totem combined with the oort/light cube. Which purpose also would be unclear to me.

A part of item’s stats could be generated randomly at a higher tier so that really nearly perfect ones are rare even if master in skills. On this way, together with the durability and final loss of every item, those near unique weapons could really be existent :wink: