Will combat ever become a main feature?

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I’m thinking about buying Boundless but the main thing holding me back is the lack of combat. From what I’ve seen on videos there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of a combat system or difficult enemies to kill.

Has anyone seen anything about future plans for the combat system?
I would be happy to buy the game now if I knew better combat was coming. I like building stuff but without other things to do I get bored of that pretty quickly; I can usually only play Minecraft for a week or so before I’m sick of it and don’t play again for months. Different games I know, was just using Minecraft as an example.

I would love it if some large scale combat was planned, like 10+ player raids or something but will settle for just a bit of focus on combat at some point.

Also, not my main question but if you feel like answering this as well please do. What’s your favorite thing to do in Boundless? Just curious?


8 things in deveopment right now

Brews to consume which heal and improve stats (releasing soon)
Items which can be used to revive defeated players (releasing soon)
Rage and Focus abilities which are primarily used for combat (releasing soon)
Bombs which you can use to throw are creatures to deal damage and heal other players (releasing soon)
Status Effects which affects your stats and a creature stats (releasing soon)
Weapon upgrades which improves the performance and behaviour of a weapon (needs a bit longer)
I am currently reworking the creatures to make them more interesting to fight (moves, abilities and tougher to kill)
@dave is working on a special event which spawns creatures in groups for a limited time in a certain location for players to take down for prizes


Thanks, I brought it.
My first bit of combat was harder than I thought lol. Found a couple lvl 1 spitters around where I spawned and attacked them with my totem, didn’t go so well and I’m left with a slither of health left :pensive:


When you get a slingbow, spitters are pretty easy to kill after that. At least the level 1s are. Just strafe from left and right around them while shooting. They die pretty quickly. Also, if you level up Dex and Power attribute you will hit harder and more often which leads to faster kills.

Yeah, after I made a sling everything I’ve come across has been easy to kill.
Haven’t put any points into any combat stuff yet, too many other skills I would rather have but will keep in mind if ever I get to a place with harder mobs.