Will progress be saved between platforms(ps4 and steam) because of the boundless account?


Since i play currently on Steam, if i switch to PS4 will it save the game through the boundless accounts?


The “game” is saved server-side. However PS and PC characters are unique. You can’t play your PC characters on PS. Something to do with Sony’s terms to allow cross-play.


yea my friend had to do this.
you’ll have to create new characters when you play on PS4. you can share your stuff with your PS4 characters if you give them permissions on your plots and leave tools and such in storage accessible by both.


Ok, thanks for the replies.


It’s a shame you can’t just switch between pc and PS4 on the same characters. If you could I’d probably buy it on PC too. It’s odd with PlayStation because it doesn’t apply to all games. FF Real Reborn for instance let’s you play the same characters on PC and PS4. And you only need one subscription to do so.


Blame sony :stuck_out_tongue:


it might have something to do with the whole steam/psn thing, unless FF reborn is also through steam as well.

ps <> pc crossplay is still in it’s infancy unfortunatelty since Sony for years were dragging their feet about it.


In another topic the devs explained that Sony wouldn’t allow the same characters to be switched between both platforms. The devs wanted it but Sony wouldn’t allow it unfortunately


Here it is here :slightly_smiling_face: