Will there be a hard reset?

Forgive my naivety, but I was wondering if there will be a hard reset on the servers before the launch at the end of 2015?

There are rumors and speaks of devs wanting to move good/finished/useful builds over to the future releases, however as for a definitive answer, I would wait on one of them to respond to this.

Personally, I hope we can each have a choice of which build we get to keep as I am presently working on a core Guild hub with The Watchers.

As far as inventory goes, I think it would make sense to either A. clear them, or B. No longer enable “I” for infinite blocks, forcing us to then seek out and find new blocks as we expand. If they let us keep blocks however, I think it would be wise to reduce all stacks to about twenty, that way we don’t have two 99 block stacks sitting in our inventory ready to keep us supplied once we go full on survival mode.

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Hm, well it would seem to me that if they would go through the trouble of letting us claim beacons in pre-alpha they might at least not wipe that. I guess time will tell.

The devs said, that there will be other worlds later for the final game, but that they look at an option to “save” the old buildings and stuff. The possibilities are to keep all the alpha worlds “as they are” as visitable but not “lootable”, to remove the beacons and put them into a “museum-world” or may be we can save the worlds for our own use later as disconnected worlds. … keeping the worlds as a whole bunch may be a bit to costly, but a Museum-World could be cool :wink:


If there is any possibility, a museum-world would be the best.

I think they wanna keep these worlds, but they’re only gonna be aviable for people that pre-ordered the game.

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I wonder also if there will be a “creative mode” for building or flying mounts like in other MMORPGs…

“creative mode”, or infinite mode like now, will be for personal or disconnected rented servers I think. How we will be able to move next to grapling and walking? We will see. Many people are against flying, at least without a high maintainance cost, because it makes exploring a bit useless/boring and also works against the use of walls or forts in beacons.


None planned at the moment, but the game and worlds will change dramatically between now and the full launch. We’ll migrate worlds as much as possible. But we’re not promising anything will be permanent.


So even the stones aren’t necessarily uhm…set in stone!!!

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All this uncertainty is making me nervous on building any masterpieces! xD

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We’ve not done a single reset in the last 6 months.

(We took a few unloved worlds offline.)


Me three!

All that hard labour, digging through the hearts of mountains, - through granite and broken stones - to build a grand guild of dark, evil, pirating underworld denizens might or might not be lost when we go live?


There’s no guarantee that we can’t keep existing worlds live for original backers in some shape or form, of course that requires effort since those worlds would need to be kept separate from the rest of the MMO which may not be something we need to implement for initial launch otherwise.

There are some features not yet implemented which will certainly make existing worlds ‘strange’ too, eg:

World regeneration: The design we currently have in mind would mean that unless we have backups of the original data the worlds were made with at their origin, the world would end up ‘regenerating’ to the point in time at which that feature went live (Eg existing houses built by players would get regenerated if modified outside a beacon <-- wuuut?). Trees and ore veins (not even all the worlds live have ores at all!) would not regenerate in the same way they would on new worlds since the information required to collapse trees when partially mined, and regrow them from seed etc would not exist in the world data.

Creature spawns: Though we don’t currently have a finished design on this, it is likely going to be tied to things like biome information which again, current live worlds have no information about so when creatures go live, we would be able to put them into current worlds, but not in the same shape/form the feature would behave like in new worlds that have all the extra information directing the spawning.

Current live worlds also have no monuments/temples etc or areas (and like creature spawns information driving) things like protectors/titans to exist in the world.

We have (non-finalised) plans of doing wrapping worlds, which again would be quite strange with existing worlds as we’d need to simply define a size for that world and discard any chunks outside that area, letting the rest of the chunks wrap (badly) since they were not generated in a wrapping world.

Things like new plant types or foliage types (seaweed, nettles, more flowers, etc etc) do not exist either in game or in any of the current worlds, so if any new plant life is added it would not exist in any of the current worlds. This was already the case when it came to the new grass foliage; the migration for existing worlds did not have enough information to do a realy good job at it, so you do not get any of the nice flowing gradiented pastures you get in newly generated worlds.

Etc. etc :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed explanation.

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yep, that gives a lot of reasons why there will be new worlds (may be often ^^). Can you “save” the worlds as they are so that we may download them later if the game goes into final stage? On this way we may could run them personaly to show them to our friends or just walk among good memories :wink:

So… let’s just say: yes, there’s going to be a hard reset.

“It won’t matter. The grand guild (currently without a name) will re-destroy your regenerated world. You best work to defend those who live above the rock, for we shall have our vengeance.” - just saying.

Soo . . .
you might keep beaconed places? ,:<
will there be an option for downloading worlds in their current state,
like single player mode, just for viewing downloaded memories? :3

These are definitely two options we could consider if there was player demand.