Will there be an Alpha or Beta for PS4?

Just want to know if there will be a Boundless Alpha or Beta on PS4.

We’re not 100% sure. Currently there isn’t infrastructure or precedence for that kind of thing on PS4, so we’d be in a weird space. That could change. If it does, we’ll update.


Thank you! (psst, tell me first if anything changes!)

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Only beta I’ve seen on ps4 is the massive A+ games like rainbow 6

FYI. There is currently a free World Of Tanks beta on ps4. But I think beta can sometimes hinder a game. Think of it this way, you release the beta on ps4. All the people who really want at this game will get it. The game wont have all its elements so some (and probably just a small few) will get bored and move on, Whereas a full release 1.0 game more people will get and the content will keep them around and also probably convince their friends to get it as well. I truly believe that if a game will stick around it does need a VERY strong start nowadays.

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No, I believe the opposite. Rainbow 6 had a beta and was a little glitchy but it built up the excitement for the actual game and opened the game to players like me who would never had other wise played it

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As much as I would like to see it on PS4 I myself will more then likely be playing PC exclusively, I do own a PS4, however I prefer PC over console and I think that spending time and resources on doing such a thing in such an incubatory state is out of the question, maybe at a later date when there is more features or after the game is completed a couple of months before release to test for bugs before the actual release date.

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The primary reason for me wanting to play on console is mostly because i currently am not in possession of my laptop, which i will not gain possession of until summer/other breaks throughout the year. My sister went off to a private school in NY (we live in NJ), and needed a laptop so i generously gave mine to her. I was able to do this without concern for my self (you know, not having a laptop) since my school gave me a chrome book in which i can study on, and i already have a PS4, so i thought it wouldn’t be a problem. But ohh, how i miss PC gaming!

Note: I’m typing this up in art class, so i have no clue whether i spelled everything right, i got my point across, or if i used correct grammar. I’m rushing this reply, lol.

Consoles have had Beta/ Alpha testing since early PS3 days, so i was expecting PS4 to have Beta/Alpha too.

We’re exploring options with Sony to have some sort of early release on PS4. Ideally it would be as early as possible, but player expectations on console are quite different to EA on PC. Additionally, Sony doesn’t have great infrastructure to support true EA - but we’re exploring options. (However, I can definitely confirm that nothing will happen quickly.)


I understand, and i will respect your decisions on the matter. I was just wondering, you know IM EXITED

Here’s to hoping! Bandai Namco did open up a beta for Dark Souls II, granted the end product looked worse than the beta did, which is unfortunate. I would absolutely love to take part in a beta for Boundless should the option become available in the future. I don’t have a PC at this time so I’m limited to a console release.

Keep up the good work on the game, as it looks phenomenal!


Feelings mutual friend.

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Haven’t been around in a few months, and was curious to see if there has been any news on a PS4 release or any kind of news relevant to us Sony folk waiting for the game.

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I have not heard anything about the ps4 version. I have not been active for months either and i only ever came back for the devlogs or updates.

Well now you will know this that Boundless will be PS4/PC cross platform supported mmorpg if you didn’t knew about it :smiley:

I knew that already, but thank you

I’m gonna be frank with true facts, if a beta was released, the small children that think it’s minecraft will give it a bad rap for glitches much like other games, then that’ll start an outbreak of bad ratings like the new call of duty which looks fabulous.


There aren’t any real advertisements for this game, so I highly doubt little children comparing this game to Minecraft would be a problem. Although I do see your point and I might be wrong.

MMO games blow up all over PS4.