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Here are 4 episodes of New Worlds. They show some of the planets that have been available on special testing branch for a few days. Now they are gone, and before some new set of worlds become available, I am closing this series with a competition.

What to do:
1. Watch them (they are below 4 minutes each).
2. Send me a message with a list of gleam types you noticed in the videos.

3 sets of 1 Amethyst Hammer + 3 Persisting Pies

As per usual, you have a week to do that. After that all correct answers (full lists of gleam colors appearing in videos) enter prize draw.

Good Luck!!


ok, looks like no one wants to win those - maybe the format is a bit boring (to come back and look through already watched videos for an answer rather than have the competition announced when video is released); its a learning curve for me;

so this one is cancelled and the prizes will be used in future competiton videos

Iā€™d like to thank @Grovinski for donating some special food and brews for future competitions as well. I have them stored separately and will definitely use it soon. :sunglasses:


Damn, I had no time to visit the portal these days(
Thanks for vids, will watch them tomorrow)
Waiting for the next competition :slight_smile:


I like these planets a lot more than some of the Hunt planets we visited. Although alien in colour they seem more traversable and less disorganised messes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like lower tier worlds tend to be nicer and during hunt we hit the top tier planets. These often are really alien looking and unfriendly.

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