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As a simple first suggestion just cartable wings that can be worn on a new slot. Maybe crafted with road runner feathers.

As an extra, new types of wings Road runner wings, Seed wings (new plant that looks like dandelion seeds that can be found on all planets at high altitudes but is rare like rr feathers.) and Energy wings (made using lots of spark collected by filling spark cores.)

Roadrunner wings fly fastest, but not for long or too high, seed wings fly for a long time but not that high, and electric wings can fly high, but not for that long.

As a final note maybe you could combine the wings if you collected them all. but that might be just going too far…


Could be an Electric hoverboard, Seed Umbrella, and RR wings, then you could combine them and they would all look cool…

glider - to glide from mountains, oobelisk and cliffs

wings - to allow us fly anywhere we want, up and down


wings could be a builders best friend


RB give you wings :joy:

I’m all for wings even if it’s just to look cool :star_struck: