With the addition of food and brewing

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I thought it be a cool idea to build a restaurant, so any ideas on how I should go about doing so?

Think of the possibilities.

A portal in every hub leading to a given restaurant, competing businesses given by standards established by supply chains, a competitive opportunity for commerce.

Oh joy what fun to be had.

I am right, I read the patch correctly we have food and brews right?

In that case consider me in business, if you want to work together, contact me, we’ll build a restaurant, and begin our enterprise.


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There is a Butchery anywhere on Moebius with a very Sick Design and we built a Steakhouse at Forgotten Kingdom of Cog Shopping down on heureka road 07 if you want some “Inspiration”. But its WIP

We had the Idea of Opening Shops in Mines to give the Hungry Colier some Energy Back, but i hate the Idea of blocking Surface Space for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is there room in your team for someone like myself, an entrepreneur looking for work? (In the boundless realm of course).

Sure, if you want to build Restaurants for and in corporation with the Forgotten Kingdom of Cog :wink: you are happily invited :stuck_out_tongue:. We got our Main Settlement in Therka and have a Portal on Moebius called “Mines off Bloria” that leads to us

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Sounds good to me.

Are you guys a Boundless guild?

If so I’d be happy to join.


Not really or not official.
My Brother, my Roommate and I started to play 2-3 Weeks ago and built a City with the Target to Reach #1 on Therka (We are #7 now :wink:) Someone named Cirlex joined our settlement randomely and you would be Number 5 in our weird Round :stuck_out_tongue: ( If you wanna join the City too)

But Guild is Planned and Discord is Running :slight_smile: just consider yourself as Part of FKOC as long as you want, till we get Official :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re currently trying to buy a Ramen Noodle Shop in the Redrockforum if you wanna join ^^

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Sure I’d like to join you guys.

Sorry for the late reply.

I’d be happy to work with you guys and help you to reach #1 on Therka.

Building a restaurant/brewery will be my personal project.

Let’s get in touch, feel free to send me your discord contact details.