With the energy prices going up maybe we could

maybe planet fuel could be reduced, I might speak for many.
everyone is having a hard time in real life and struggles with bills.

so maybe it is possible to reduce a bit on the planet fuel cost. what are your thoughts on this?


Unfortunately, with the costs of EVERYTHING going up, those planets are actually more and more expensive to maintain. You could almost expect the price to go up. As the cost increase is always passed on to the consumer.


With the pound tanking against the dollar I’ve noticed it’s more expensive to buy fuel for the planets this past few weeks. It used to cost around £8.50 for 30 days fuel, but it’s getting closer to the 9.99 price in dollars.

With all the talks of how to monetize this game, this is probably bad, but yeah, that would be nice (disclaimer: I don’t even have a personal world)

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Devs gotta eat and pay the bills too.


Unfortunately, everything is getting more expensive. And yes, even the devs are people who have to pay their bills. People like me, for example, who are unable to work because they are ill (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia and more), will soon no longer be able to afford the luxury of PC gaming and soon also no longer be able to afford hot water, warm food, electricity… the apartment… and soon on the have to live on the street…

Enjoy it while it’s still reasonably nice, the time will never come again.


Yeah, good reminder that gaming is certainly a luxury rather than a necessity. That said, I am always empathetic towards those with chronic issues as gaming can be a portal to the outside world for socializing or just escapism.

I work with doctors in the healthcare sector so I can see how chronic issues can be debilitating for many people. I’ve seen some pretty bad stuff.



but im really talking about the planets up in orbit, not reducing the prices of the purchase of planets, which come with a month of fuel

things we need to take in consideration

is the actual planet hosting cost the real planet cost? is there a little space to play with?
is it worth it to keep a planet running or to have it disappear?
is the 2-week lock status really necessary, and is it costing the same as having it active? or does it go into sleep mode?
why not add 1 week extra to the fuel instead and have 1 week of lock status…

my thought on pricing was

  • 3KM Planet $7.50
  • 4.5KM Planet $15
  • 6KM Planet $30

and of course prices increase for everyone and I’m not saying it should be done but can’t we do anything in favor for everyone

I feel your pain, I currently maintain 4 planets and I may have to let one or two go. I would hate to do so, since so many people get use out of Tarlin and Doq 'ej SuD but…economy man. And those would be the ones to go, since I only just finished my color storage/store on my homeworld. No way I am letting all that work go.


Capitalism says no, and wants you to suffer and live as an exploited wage slave.

So because of that we can not ever have nice things in regards to prices or cost of living.

It would be nice if we lived in a world where we didn’t have to worry about money for things that should be basic human rights.

I do get the feeling that the new owner of the game might be a “Mr.Money Bags” as he has thrown around the words “Deep pockets” more then a few times, so it might be possible they might do something about the pricing, but I would not expect it

people with deep pockets cant find the cash cause pocket to deep

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The boundless servers in the test branch which have a player limit of 100 players only requires 1GB of ram and 1 CPU core, which is not == to the same price of a AWS instance per month that gives you that.

If i go to the AWS lightsail page i can get a server that has 8 GB Memory, 2 Core Processor, 160 GB SSD Disk, 5 TB Transfer for 40$/month which is something that i should be able to run 2 100 player worlds according to the test server we have on the test branch.

Yeah im all for people getting paid a fair share for work, but there are ways to lower the cost of the service so that customers dont need to be paying a arm and leg just to be a part of the main mmo universe.

I too had to let go of my birthday Sov world due to living on a fixed income and with prices rising on everything I may not ever be afford another one again. I really feel your pain on this one. I was hoping to setup some more T1 farms for the beginners to use for resources and such. And place for me and others to get materials in certain colors for building, etc.

You are more than welcome to join my planet, guildie!! We can share :smiley: I will only let planets go as a last resort. Everyone has their “thing” and my planets are mine.