Wont let me open this reclaim storage

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i’d like to access this reclaim storage now ~ been a while since i reclaimed that beacon and it still wont let me open it

there are a lot of glass blocks in this reclaim

You probably have a reclaim open on another beacon. I’m not sure how to tell which one without just checking them all.


From that message it looks like you have an active reclaim at another one of your beacons

Looks like @Rydralain beat me to the punch by a few seconds lol


Yep says it right on the button, you have another reclaim already open. You must empty it first then you can access the new one.

Glad the button is so descriptive.

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you already have an active reclaim, dump your beacon contents to another one.

I remember doing that once to a previous home beacon, what a nightmare.

u so funny

i know it says that but i dont have any open and that one is set as my home beacon for that cha

I’ve switched my home beacon while I’ve had a reclaim open on it. So did you maybe do the same and not notice you still had some left

i just finished the other reclaims i had left with my main cha and there arent any displayed for the cha with this greyed out reclaim

Try placing another beacon and set it as main in the plotted area.

I don’t know if this is relevant but I don’t think I ever opened a reclaim from my home beacon. You can open it from any beacon you own.

I usually open mine in a storage area that’s not even adjacent to my home beacon.

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the planet it was on is expired by now / but it also wouldnt let me reclaim it back when i actually reclaimed it

Whatever you do, don’t remove that beacon from your list, I believe it will delete the reclaim.

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yeah i saw that warning

yeah missed that is my home beacon and master beacon / needs to be master beacon to be able to reclaim from it / also placed a new one next to it but didnt help

If you had a reclaim on a world that expired recently, the reclaim will be pending until that world is completely gone/deleted. Expired worlds go into a frozen state for 2 weeks or so, in case someone forgot to fuel them.

You will need to put that world on the rental world delete list to expedite the process - if it wasn’t your planet you’ll need to ask James for assistance to retrieve your items.


it was my planet and by now its already completely gone

but i reclaimed the beacon when the planet was still active and then too i couldnt open that reclaim storage

going by the file info i seem to have reclaimed it on 17th jan

It’s strange that it won’t let you access the reclaim - not even on the planet before it expired.

Without deleting any beacons or reclaims…Have you tried placing a new beacon & making it your home beacon? Then waiting 24-48hrs & open the reclaim tab - see if you can access it. Sometimes it’s not instant - especially with newly placed beacons.

If it happened after the rental world expired, I’d say that might have something to do with it, but you say it wasn’t working before then. @James is it possible this planet wasn’t completely removed/deleted?

Have you visited all of your beacons to determine which has the active reclaim?

I’m assuming you simply have another beacon that is currently reclaiming.

i’ll go check

the beacon i placed before i went inactive had an active reclaim storage and now it lets me open the reclaim i need

would have helped to know that this symbol (apparently) means active reclaim storage


and i assume this one is for unclaimed/inactive reclaim storage


welp thx for the help