Word of advise to buyers

For those like me it is hard to get a lot of rough Ruby’s. So could you plz either buy compact Ruby’s or refined Ruby’s even if at the same price of ten rough rubys

Rough are far easier to get hold of - everywhere sells them :wink:

I buy rough and compact them myself for the XP :slight_smile:

I think he’s asking people to stop buying rough so he can compact it for XP?

Pop a request basket out in a decent location- itll fill at the right price :smiley:

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Question is what would you be doing with the same Ruby’s? I think this might cover all the options

  1. you are selling them. If you don’t want people to buy all of yours because it takes forever to mine them, put your prices up
  2. if you don’t want people to buy lots so you can instead, well that’s just a bit mean. Everyone can buy anything
  3. if you did number two, what else other than compacting them could you be doing…so buy compacted as suggested

Just trying to figure exactly what the meaning behind the issue is.

P.s. if you need Ruby, my sovereign has got a pretty good selection- as does captain America exo


No I’m talking for me to mine I’d gladly get compact ruby for the price of 10 diamonds long I get the money

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To clear it up I mean I am selling to baskets not buying it

It takes me about an hour to get a full smart stack of rough rubies on my sovereign Tarnation. It’s open to everyone, you just have to figure out how to get there (I don’t want to cheapen your experience of discovery by opening portals). Use a +All ruby hammer and strength brews. Enjoy the mining. Enjoy the levelling.

Seriously asking me find it u are the :imp:

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