Working on a new boundless sport - Goats Gone Wild - need help finding a good spot!

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Introducing Goats Gone Wild!

How it works:
Four teams of four compete to see which team can capture the most creatures in half an hour. Each team will have a corral (pit in the ground with airlocked doors at the top, to drop beasties in). One member of each team is the “corral tender” and remains at the corral to prevent critters from despawning, while the other three run around grappling creatures and dragging them in the pit. No murdering or stealing critters from opposing teams (though I have an idea for a sport for that too)

The pits/corrals will be made of glass so spectators can “keep score”.

I was thinking 30 min or so would be a good “round time”

Spitters - 2 points
Wildstocks - 3 points
Cuttletrunks - 5 points
Roadrunners - 5 points
Hoppers - 10 points

(Good luck keeping hoppers and cuttles in there for 30 minutes though)

I need help finding a good flat unplotted area to build the first arena!


it depends on what tier you are looking for, in kol huro there are good plains, in xafrant in the ash and sochaltin area ¿maybe but everything is already plotted?

might i suggest having short intermissions in which the corral tender role is handed over to one the players who was running around (so that it isnt just one player sitting there for the whole round)?

love the idea though DK! and boundless can never have too many sports :blush:

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I’ll suggest placing a glass ceiling for the pit located at ground level with a 1m gap on all sides for goats to fall in. Might even contain hoppers. A pit like that might make hoppers a lower score. BTW Wildstocks are easier than spitters because they will charge at you (hence following you into a pit) whereas spitters just spit at you. Ask @HOST how hard cuttletrunks are…

I’m glad your pits will be made of glass. I hope that includes the bottom of the glass and a viewing area underneath the pit so that spectators can enjoy watching the soft undersides of the specimens.


Sounds fun. I’d consider upping the score for cuttles tho. I doubt you can keep those contained as easily as the others :joy:

A well coordinated team of two can do quite well corralling goats. Maybe in 10-20 minutes we had captured all animals in a reasonably sized area. A smaller time limit might be more accessible, since after 15 minutes you’re starting to go really far and it starts getting tedious.

The Compass Crew volunteers to playtest :slight_smile:



It’s a goat! Run!

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So maybe teams of 3 and 15 minutes? (Each team member spends one 5 minute shift goat tending)


My concern is that spectators and corral tenders will set off the hoppers

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Yeah Idk how thick the glass needs to be or how tall the pit needs to be to prevent hoppers. I was thinking a glass ceiling would help, but I do think you want 100% safety. Sounds like fun science to be done :smiley:

very hard here’s an aggressive one (tony) as he was trying to call for help , little did he know i was the help…

but it all went well after he settled with his friend and got his favorite food served

i kinda should have a medal for cuttletrunks mastery


I adore this game idea
when can we do it

TOTALLY reminds me of those old wacky game shows

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Isn’t there a limit in the game of how many creatures can actually be spawned at once in a certain area?

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I love the idea too! I think the person in the pen should really have to work and wrangle to keep them in… glass ceiling and maybe a couple “lucky” pits… but the person inside needs to have a job…

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a good spot on lutrion with boundless logos with super flat land. -1875 N -293 E. NE of PS hub

edit: lutrion is only tier 2 sadly.

Sounds hilarious!


this is a complete sentance.

Amazing!!! I want in.

What tier are you thinking?

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Any really. Just need a good spot where mobs spawn, with minimal terrain, water and plotted builds.

I know some good ones on Mcrib and Galan.

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