Working on restocking and need some assistance

Working on restocking my shop with both mosaic and marble and need help with some basic mats!!

Request baskets primed and ready for:
Thermal,float,&spark sacs(24c,18c,17c)
Trophys horn tentacle & scale(55c,80c,80c)
Puls shad & shim orbs (18c,35c,29c)

Also willing to handtrade large quantities(like chests worth) of ancient essence for coinage ill pay 216k per chest :slight_smile:

Find req baskets on 2nd floor of foxxys shop above mini hub
Portals via reapers(alder), dragon hub, lucky 7, fantasy tree, dragons lair(maryx), opera(lutrion)
Roxia and zoidberg

Foxxy loves you :heart:
Stay beautiful, Stay bright, Stay boundless


I donโ€™t have much of that, but I did put about 18ss of bones in the baskets for you. Cheers!

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Ur amazing n beautiful! :blush: :pray: :blush:

I have some things. Will come by.

Large fossils, Pulsating orbs, some trophies, sap and a few other bits dropped off. :slight_smile:

Have fun! :heartpulse:

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Filled you up on shimmering orbs


Thank u both so m7ch :heart:


Thatโ€™s a good price for sap. Filled up most of baskets. Easy coin. :moneybag:

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Such a beast!! tysm!!! @Ligerion

I filled a lot of them the rest of the way.

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I got a gleam chest of ancient essence in overstock Mawwalker is my IGN