World and Biomes - Update 1


Hello everybody!

This weeks work:

  • Caves
  • Strata
  • World Generation and biome blending
  • New Biomes
  • Prefabs!

To start us off I’ll talk a little about caves. Luca created a new tool that allows us to have more control over where caves will generate along the y axis:

This will become available soon when we next update the world builder.

Example of perhaps too large caves :3:

We have also added strata to all biomes. Our aim with strata is to create more diversity in the blocks you dig up. We don’t want to clog your inventory with only one type of material.

We are getting closer to creating our first home world where you will start the game. Another tool Luca produced is aiding in this mission. It allows you to remove certain attributes from biomes with the aim to have more control over where biomes will be picked.

Here is a biome selection map of one of the worlds we are playing with at the moment. Hopefully you can clearly see a change across the world. This is due to the poles of this world being cold and the equator warmer. Lucas tool has helped weed out biomes that appear in undesirable locations i.e. tundra in the middle of a desert.

I have been going through and sorting all of the prefab submission that have being sent in and adding them to appropriate biomes. We also have Amanda working on building some prefabs in office so look out for those too!

Just a few nice pictures cos I didn’t show any new biomes :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still wonder about the possibility to add a heightmap via coloured .bmp
Not so sure if I remember correctly. Is it possible to make a huge .bmp file and use it as a whole world map?


Holy! those large caves looked so Beautiful! i am only using Beautiful because it’s i’m trying to be formal, but off the record they look ■■■■■■■ amazing, want to see large caves underground in game :slight_smile:
Nice work, keep it up!


I wanna explore now