World and Biomes - Update 3


We have mostly been focusing on producing worlds rather than new biomes this week. We have three worlds which we are gradually improving upon and starting to feel happy about. These should be available soon for you all to play and give feedback on. Our current worlds include: an earthlike home world, a desert/rainforest world and a frozen world.

I must say a thank you to @Heureka. He sent me all of his biomes which I have been going through and pulling bits and pieces from. Although they may not be included in the first three worlds, hopefully you will be able to see them in our next set.

Also want to say thanks to @Stretchious and @Nyuudles for all their prefab contributions. You will definitely see some of your trees on the first worlds. We have held back on the ruins and other misc prefabs for other worlds.

I have decided to hold back on pictures of the new worlds this time. Instead I thought I would tease you with lists of biomes for each world:


I want pictures :confounded:


You can use your imagination! Don’t worry soon you will have something better than a picture. You will be able to take your own :wink:


Ooooooooooo own pictures


That is some big lists of biomes for those worlds! I’m really looking forward to seeing what they look like (and seeing what our trees look like in them of course! :smiley: )

I still have a couple of ideas for prefabs knocking about in this bonce of mine… I’ll send them over when I’ve put something together!


Aaaaaaand now I want pancakes :fork_and_knife: