World and Biomes - Update 5

If you are not aware we have pushed a lot of new content onto the testing branch in steam. There are three worlds to explore with a total of 46 biomes, I hope you enjoy!

This week I was given a new set of biomes from james to take a look at. These include: huge footprint and graveyard (how exciting). Examples of these kinds of biomes below. I have also been trying to create building like structures in the world builder with some limited success.

On the more boring side, we have added a new strata node which allow you to connect multiple custom strata nodes. This has given rise to our most recent strata system which is live on testing.

Aliens! (kinda trash but a nice effect)


Sink Holes/Mines:

Tiered Swamp:

Snaking Floating Island:

This is my last week at wonderstruck but hopefully I will be back again. Thanks for all the great feedback I’ve gotten over the last month or so. Special thanks to those who have contributed some form of content (biomes,prefabs etc). As stated the worlds we have released use a total of 46 biomes. Internally we have around 120 biomes ready to be added to worlds and plans for a lot more so look out for more exciting worlds in the future!


i like this sink holes/mines

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The snaking floating islands looks absolutely amazing more of that please :smiley:

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You’ll be missed :frowning: second to Ben for me, but first as World Builder. Hope everything goes well with your future jobs!


Ey man

May I be the first to say goodbye and thank you for all the wonderful work and biomes you have provided us. I especially like the snakes biome and the message that it sends (the higher-ups i.e sony are snakes). This rebellious and powerful subliminal message is exactly what we need to punch through the restrictions bound to us by those money-hungry corporations and allow us to truly express our freedom and creativity, and thus rightfully earning our name as boundless. Thankfully as high up as these snakes are, we know for sure a certain Colombian law states that what goes up must, eventually, come down.

I’m sad to see you are leaving.
Stay safe out there.


The castle could be a little bit less repetetive

The snaky floating islands look cool - I can imagine people building up there with lots of bridges in between!
The floating parts follow the same paths as the rivers though don’t they?


Indeed they do, they don’t have to but thought it neat.


This is totally true. When this biome is put into a world it will blend with the others and you won’t see the regularity as much. The grid structure is kind of needed to build any kind of building but there are ways of getting rid of a few of the castles to make it appear less regular.

you guys should add dungeons in future updates. my ideas:
unique monsters
loot chests
mini boss/boss at end of dungeon
room full of chests that appears after boss/ mini boss is killed
they should be pretty rare (3-4 per world) and give u pretty good loot.

i bet they would look pretty cool with the smooth style of the graphics in this game

just some thoughts. thx for reading :grinning:!

oh btw snake biome was my fav out of the rest

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There will be dungeons! Also the ‘Main enemies’ (Titans) are giant living dungeons.

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oh ok thx
is there loot in the dungeons/titans?

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Potentially, eventually. Titans are not yet in game.

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the titans are what im really looking forward to hearing about and how they will function, cause i love the idea of this game being like an mmo and rpg with progression and end game things and combat not just building even tho i love building

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