WORLD BUFF gameplay idea


everybody collects the way he likes it

-builders get chisel sand when they chisel alot and have event bottles

hunters get enemy sweat when they hunt alot and have event bottles

-shopkeepers get random lucky penny’s if they hold the event pouch and there buisiness has activity selling buying

-explorers find ancient recipes if they visit new regions if they hold there event recipe book

-gatherers find special seeds when they out gathering stuff if they have the seed pouch

-miners collect special event gem if they carry the gempouch

all these items when combined craft a world buff
that needs non stop fueling with these event resources
there can only be one buff build per world
when this thing is build its permanent and it carrys its own 16 permanent plots
when nobody uses it dissapears until some build it again

after a while the biggest donators to the world buff can get build acces to rebuild it into there own temple thing

this event is forever and will keep us all busy solo but also together

please improve my idea our tell me how you would make it


This is unfair to explorers and this is the only limited thing in the whole list, everything else can be farmed easy. but with exploring you will run out of regions to explore.

This is bot-able


It could work with the upcoming exoplanets. Always would be new regions to explore.


It would still be limited, just not as limited, they would have to wait for new ones to spawn, this might take days even weeks depending how the devs do it, where as everyone else, only haves to wait for regen, or simply move to another area, or otherwise keep pressing on with what they are doing.


can ya also offer solutions :smile:


I dont have a solution for the exploration one, because the game lacks good content for exploration. alot more things would need to be fixed 1st

As it stands the game only sees exploration as region discovery. which i’m gong to be honest, is not to exciting. There needs to be more then just that,