World Builder Competition closed

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#Heeeeeeello, Ooortarians!

###The First Worldbuilder Competition is now finnished and all of your work was GREAT! Thank you so much for being part of that, I really appreciate that.

The Competition is closed and 6! Worlds got submitted! Thats awesome! Thats the exact number of worlds I was hoping for!

So, even that the Competition is over, the voting, is NOT. Now it’s your turn fellow Oortarian! Give your like for every World you like and help the Competitors! They need your like, to get a chance of winning an Humble Bundle including 4 cool Games!

And these are the Worlds!
Opulus - Falahi
Predatoxic - Montibus
Thorbjorn42gbf - Teik
Bootlegger - Rheticus
Karko - Karko’s Competition World 1
Kerpie - Dyspin

The Winner will be announced on Sunday eve! You have time to vote until Sunday 6 p.m. (GMT +1) so good luck to everyone and I hope we’ll see us again in the next Competition!

All the Competitors:
@Opulus, @Predatoxic, @Thorbjorn42gbf, @Bootlegger, @Karko, @Kerpie.


Is it possible to add an anonymous poll to this post? I thought I saw someone else do that.


The World Topic with the most likes will win, so no need for a poll … but whould be good to know how polls are working :wink:

Would like that, but I dont know how :disappointed:

Start your thread with the "Poll: " (without the ")

Then in the body of the message have something like -

[ poll ]

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
    [ /poll ]

Take out the spaces between the []

I just tried it, doesn’t work

It seems that you can’t add a poll into an existing thread. It needs to be a new thread. You do need the “-” before the options and it doesn’t like extra code there so you need to have the links separately.

I tested it before posting so I know it does work.

bumpipty bump bump bump

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Right it should be bumped

now don’t bump im in lead! (i think


what happens if there is a draw

If it’s an draw I’ll also buy the current humble bundle and the first who sumitted his world can decide witch one he wants ^^

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and the winner is…