World Builder: Gradient Function

I think it’d be handy to have a linear gradient function (2d & 3d). Some uses:

  • Increasing ore density with depth
  • applying gradual noise to terrain (mountains getting increasingly distorted)
  • ???

Couldn’t you have said that in your other thread you wrote right before this one?!

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I guess? Though it seems very unrelated to it, other than I’m talking about the world builder

Its both about the worldbuilder, so its not unrelated. You can ask more then one thing in one thread tho… this only fills the Forum with pointless double posts.

Which (at least in my mind) is a broad topic - much like art, or lore, or gameplay elements. There are already a fair number of unique topics about the world builder.

In one post, I’m asking for help in understanding something. In this one, I’m suggesting a feature.

Any discussion about those two things would be distinct. Combining the two would end up being a pretty confusing thread to read, I think.


Cool idea. I’m sure @lucadeltodecso will keep it in mind next time we’re building features for the WB.

Not sure what your use case is, but could possibly achieve some of this using the height map image feature?


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You wouldn’t be able to do this with the image noise as that’s only for 2d functions and this is about varying the strength of the noise on the y-axis of a 3d noise.

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changed category to modding

Why would you do that?

Anything related to world builder is modding, as it is a tool that allows you to modify a world to what you want.

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Oh just saw that they extended the modding term to the world builder. My bad^^

Good point! That should work great for a 2d gradient

Aha! Thanks for swapping the category