World Builder Guide Or Tutorial

Is anyone aware of a current World Builder guide or tutorial. The ones I found are several years old and do not match the current world builder version.



Second the desire for this. I’ve tried poking around at it on my own but I’m not super prepared to take the time needed to master all of it. If rental worlds are built from world builder files though then someone doing something for this would be amazingly useful!


I am aware how to use it just because I’ve helped with certain other games and so on but you’ll have to give me some time as I’m rather busy and the tutorial needed for the world builder will take quite a bit of time to explain it all in detail.


I’ll also throw in my interest before something like this. I opened world builder one time and almost immediately closed it because it made no sense, but it would be cool to make worlds.


Like stated before I will post a tutorial but it’s going to take some time. Once you do get used to it you are going to find yourself being really picky with how you make your world. The thing that hurts the most is when you finally make a world you love, youre going to wish you could make it an actual planet for everyone. I’ve made some world’s that are “neater” than the current ones in my opinion.


ARK had a fairly limited world generator and i adored learning what all the little statistical levers and configuration buttons could do <3

Learning bits and pieces by modifying the existing saved nodes. Finally got a submerged forest like there kind of is on whatever the T6 toxic world is called that I’ve kind of fallen in love with. Ignore the colors, I haven’t bothered setting a palette since I’m just messing around during a work call.


I have been looking for a good guide for years now. I want to use it but it’s just to much without a good guide.


I also would love to try your guide @Oortnonymous when you are able to complete it thank you so much!!

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I will as soon as I have time I promise.

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I made a quick intro video to get folks started/give people something that allows them to use the basic tools to play around. I’m a massive introvert so this was pretty terrifying but if people find this useful I can make a few others. I’d intended this to be <5 minutes but this one was nearly 10. In the future they’ll be <5 minutes to make them bite sized. I hate watching super long videos to find a quick answer to something.

I don’t have all of the answers and I’m not some World Builder guru. I’ve just started playing with it in preparation for rental worlds and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far. This video and any future ones aren’t going to have the full technical details and I’m not going in depth on every topic. Merely enough details for people to start to make some cool creations and for them to explore the deeper stuff on their own (or wait for Oortnonnymous’s videos :smile:). Thanks all :heart: