World Builder - Large Area Block Placements

I dont currently have access to the World Build but will be updating my package at a later date.

What Im interested in knowing is if you can place large areas of blocks to speed building up ?, in Landmark for example you can do this to build foundations and long wall sections.

I’m not quiet sure what you think the Worldbuilder is, can you explain it to me? Maybe I’ll understand your question then.

Here’s my World of the Worldbuilder btw. You can see how it looks like and what it does.

Thanks for the reply.

So am I correct in saying that the world builder is a generator for making worlds randomly then and not as such an editor for building on ?

So a seed system that can then be used later to make stuff with.

You use the Worldbuilder to generate World right, you have to make diffrent Biomes and connect them in the end.

I’m not sure what you mean with seed system and I’m nut sure if I understand the question now ^^ Can you explain what you mean with large areas of blocks to speed up building? ^^
Sure everyone else who’s reading this know what you mea, I’m the only idiot right now :smiley:

By large block placement I mean instead of placing 1 block at a time instead say place a 2x2, 4x4 etc block area.

Oh now I get it! Now, you think you have to do the worlds by hand right? Place every block by yourself.

Thanks for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:

The world is made from a set of rules you make for how it should be generated you do not build it by hand.

Cheers, yeah that makes sense.

No I mean thats what you think right? Because you dont have to do that, in fact all you do is setting percentage numbers.

Thats how your World looks like in the Window you work with. Not with the memes of course :smiley:

Thanks sometimes I just dont know how to explain it xD


Thanks again , its all clear to me know :slight_smile:

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But it still is a lot of work :wink: And, no problem ^^

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